Friday, March 09, 2007

cars = $$$

I dropped Liam at school yesterday morning, and on my way home noticed my car was running hotter than usual. The temp needle just continued to climb, and just as I made it home it hit the red. I called Brett to tell him (his car, his problem LOL), and what do you think he said?.... "Oh, yeah, I know, one of the hoses is leaking, I noticed that over the weekend" Weeeeeeell, thanks for letting me know LOL. So I did what any good wife and mother would do. Made him give me his car ;) Now I have to take my car down to Rye to get it repaired, plus it also needs the 200,000km service. (It's done so many k's, but never gives trouble, so I can't justify selling it, as much as some days I'd like to). So, ching-ching! You can just hear those $$$ lighting up hey. Now all I need is some people to finalise their orders. I think I'm going to have to bring in an incentive for quick order placement.

Tonight we are off to see Mark and Becky and their new bubba Lucy :) Too cute! Have to go pick DH up from work.

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