Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Trying to keep up...

First layout is the class I taught at the Scrapanalia Retreat at the weekend. I was a *little* nervous beforehand as it's been SO long since I taught a class, but I actually really enjoyed it (I never thought I wouldn't, but I did enjoy it more than I thought I would... does that make any sense?). How could I not with a room full of fantastic women hey. Can't say it enough. It was such a brilliant weekend. And I loved seeing the variations in the pages as some people added little twists, or adapted the layout slightly. I think I've now become associated with Red/white dots too. LOL

How cute is Isobel! Scrumptious! I did feel like I had dejavue through this sitting though, as I've already photographed the dad's twin brother. Another beautiful family. Love my job.

My current Scrapbook Station DT layout. Topic was silly for circles. There are some fantastic layouts over there, go check them out. I love Nic's. The photo of Isaac and the whole theme behind the layout is just fantastic. And Kathie's I loved too. So much texture!
This is last fortnights one. (I haven't already put it on here have I?) Topic was Typeography. I love how this one came out. I used brushes and fonts to reprint part of the book he's reading, and printed the lot onto white Bazzill, along with the journalling etc. I've had a couple of people ask about the brush that runs along the bottom and left hand side (the yellow and green ones). Big copyright breach, but I scanned a Basic Grey rubon and turned it into a brush :o

I still haven't scanned the layouts I did either last week at the Scrap Pile crop at Scrappy Hollow, or at the retreat over the weekend. Will do that soon.

Torn between getting everything done, and not sleeping. And ignoring the to do list and getting some sleep.

Have proofs to go out tomorrow for Dee, Final CD's for Cass, and Ange, Voucher for Sarah.
Have three shoots this weekend, plus need to fit my adorable new neice in there somewhere. I saw her again today and she's getting bigger! Still tiny, but getting bigger!

Went to Pelican Park swimming today with mum and dad, Sharnie and Will, Sam, Bethany and Aidan... Only Sam, Bethany and Sharnie didn't swim. I got there early, so (Liam, Ethan and I were in the water for over two hours in total. Remember how hungry you used to get after hours of swimming! That was me. I could have eaten one of my kids LOL. Luckily mum packed a picnic so after we were all dry and changed we headed outside to the park for a play and picnic lunch. I was so exhaused comming home. So were the boys. They were on the brink of melt downs (Ethan was actually just starting) and I couldn't keep my eyes open. I put Ethan down into his cot, but he woke up screaming (which he hardly ever does), so I just picked him up, put a movie on for Liam, and put Ethan in my bed and had a lie down next to him. We both slept for an hour until he woke and started climbing all over me, and Liam had the telly up too loud, so I turned that down, and got back into bed. So did Ethan, and we both slept for another two hours! I was only woken when some sales people rang the doorbell at 5.30! Didn't answer the door though, and then called Brett to tell him to bring a chook home.

I need to catch up on sleep, and it's already past 11.30 (11.00 is supposed to be bedtime for me!) So better get moving.


Anonymous said...

so much fun spending time with you over the weekend K.....loved your class, you're such a natural and i love all your positive energy. hugs. Carolyne

Yvette Adams said...

Wow... these are absolutely scrumptious! I so love your stuff :)

L7yn Dwyer said...

Love all your latest creations Katie.......mmm......the red polka dot Queen.....yep...It's got a real nice sound to it!...LOL!


Sofi p said...

It was so much fun to hang out with you Katie, and I just loved your class.

Your layouts are just gorgeous! Especially your "Read" layout with the BG scanned brushes!