Wednesday, March 14, 2007

a new favourite

I'm not sure how I missed this one first time round!

It almost has me inspired to scrapbook again.

It would look good on a canvas in our family room too.


Sofi p said...

Wow Katie, your photos are gorgeous!

jane fitchett said...

yep Katie
they are all gorgeous, and the one you have just put up would look fantastic on canvas
hope the scrapping bug bites :)

Tam said...

oh, precious, precious! perfect for a canvas. and needs to be scrapped! having withdrawals from seeing your layouts so you'd better get back to it!!

~*Gems*~ said...

Wow! Absolutely stunning :o) xxx

Nat-Mardon said...

Sure would!! Just gorgeous - HOW did you miss that one Katie??

Sarah said...

Let me tell you, your pics are AMAZING Katie. I had a layout today at stitches and craft with one of your pics on it and WOW seriously blew people away.......

You are super talented and always inspiring me.

This Photo is fantastic. Love it to bits you should be so so proud of yourself....

Chat to you soon..OK

Sharmaine said...

Gosh that photo is breath taking!!
Love it Katie! Well done on the photos and all the best for the scrapping!!
Have a happy weekend
Take care

The Clarks said...

oh wow its stunning !
if that doesn't inspire you nothing will lol