Thursday, December 14, 2006

EDM Layout.

Another post tonight!

As I said previously I've decided not to enter the EDM competition. I'll still keep the album going, but on my own terms. My layouts were all fairly simple, but I put a lot of journalling into each page. This was the second last one I did, but I think one of my faves. Each page just had a random number, so the 842 doesn't mean anything in particular... it's just a Random Everyday Moment #. I wanted to upload them all together at the end, so I haven't put them anywhere yet, and only those who have scrapped with me have even seen them. They are all double 8.5x11's

The journalling will be impossible to read, so I'll include it here:

Lids off. This is my darling hubbies trademark! Every morning I wake to this sight. Some mornings it annoys me more than others. I mean, how difficult is it to put the lids back on things? It will only take a few seconds I whinge time and time again. Over six years we have been married, and still those lids get left off every morning. And then, in the midst of my rather pathetic whining, I am reminded... What if one day I was to wake up, only to not be greeted by this sight? What if one morning I woke up, to find that the love of my life, my soul mate and best friend had not been into our kitchen that day? What if one morning I woke to find the adored father of my children, the husband of my dreams, my confidant and lover was gone from my life? I bet I would give the world to see those lids left off just one more time. I bet I would shudder to think of all my pointless whining. I bet I would realise, in the scheme of things, just how unimportant some things are. So today I'll look at it differently, and hopefully tomorrow, and the next day, I'll see that what initially looks like a burden, may actually be a blessing. A reminder of the beautiful man I am blessed to not only live with, but also spend eternity with. The beautiful man, who often does leave the lids off, because he is in a rush to get off to work, to earn a good income so that I am able to stay at home with our children. Ill see that even though he forgot to put the lids on, he didn't forget to make me my morning cuppa. So I'll smile as I walk into the kitchen, to be greeted by this sight. And I'll realise it's not that big an issue, for me to take the few seconds to put them away.


Megan said...

Wow Katie. Totally love this LO. Reminds me of my hubby. Thanks for putting a little perspective into this for me. I'll try and treasure those annoying DH things a little more. Hope you are doing well!

Leanne Stamatellos said...

It's been a while since I've popped in - flat out with xmas jobs.

Love those layouts - all so adorbale!

Ros said...

Love the layouts, the EDM one and Janelle's are my fav. Well done!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Katie I just wanted to say all of your layouts are lovely! I love the vintage/funky look of your layouts to chicky! Do you still make your own papers and stuff>? I still have some of your letters that u sent me!!! (love them).

Nic Wood said...

wow I love the whole concept of this LO Katie! Might have to pull the camera out tommorrow to get a shot of those bloody newspapers DH leaves on the table about 50 times a day, and for which I will try to feel blessed and appreciative of after reading your beautiful journalling (i did say try LOL).,

Love the LO
Nic xxx

kathie said...

Awww, how beautiful, Katie! Yes, we all get whingy from time to time. Empty toilet roll holders is my gripe! Great journaling.

Mardi said...

Katie...this is just awesome...the journalling is fabulous....and a subject close to my heart too.

Your EDM album is going to be spectacular I have no doubt.

Mardi x

welcome to my world said...

hay katie i remember seeing you first EDM layout and it inspired me to enter the comp. Still finding my feet after the CTYD closure scrapping at home just isn't the same.
maybe we can all arrange a crop night at terry's soon VIP's only so we all can catch up.
let me know if your keen.

Ruey said...

omg i love your lids off layout...the journalling is just sooo beautiful & touching. I will try very hard to do a layout like this....I just have to decide which mess to pick that won't embarass the hell out of me. Tee hee....the pile of socks and underwear the older boys always seem to leave on the bathroom floor...or the tangle of shoes that threaten to trip me over just inside our front door maybe. Thanks for the inspiration!!!