Thursday, December 14, 2006

The final one

This is the last one I'd been doing. This is my layout swap with Janelle Wind. How gorgeous are those photos! This is Janelle's DS Jasper and his little cousin Megan. Aren't they both just adorable! Look at the way she's looking at him in the big pic.

I played with the colour here, using my favourite little method. I love the soft vintagy feel. I added some brushes to the photos too. I've left the tags blank so Janelle can add her own journalling. They pull out from under the Basic Grey. The brown scalloped cardstock is the small scalloped Bazzill. LOVE that stuff!!!

So there you go Miss J. Hopefully they will be on their way to you tomorrow.

Oh no! I've just realised I have kinder duty in the morning!! It's the last day and we are having a party. I've been sitting here thinking of all the things I'll get done while Liam is at kinder and Ethan at family daycare, and now I've just realised I won't be child free at all!

I'll have to go down to Mornington this afternoon, put in three photo orders. I need a dinnerservice, cos mines not big enough anymore (plates breaking etc), and we are having Christmas day here! I need to buy some large candles for the table centrepiece. Table... Oh yes thats right, we need to buy some tables! I've finally convinced Brett into buying two trestle tables. We'll use them on Christmas day, but they'll also get heaps of use when I have friends over to crop. Now that CTYD has closed down I'll miss my monthly night out. Back to the to do list... I also need to buy flyspray. The ants are driving me crazy! I make the boys eat at the table, and I wipe down, sweep etc any mess afterwards, but still when I go out I am welcomed home by ants! They must be looking for water, it's so dry outside. Let me tell you, they get water when I've finished with them. And Demestos too.

I'm also just realising now that some of my keys are not working. Ethan spilt my cup of tea over the keyboard last night. I thought I'd cleaned it all up, but aparently not. Surprising there are no ants in it!

Yay I have two more days left of work, plus our break up on Friday. That came around so quick! It felt like only last week that I have him my notice, but I gave him 6 weeks! I think every single thing I have worked on over the past 11 years has passed back under my nose in those past five weeks though. It's insane. Boss Son even had the gall to tell me I had to make more of a certain thing, something he is totally capable of doing, because "if you don't do it, I'll have to." Well daah! You might just have to.

Have to get out the Chrissy presents soon too, and double check who's got what and wrap them up. It is the silly season... but I love it!


Sofi p said...

Katie, love all of your layoyts! They are all just gorgeous. I just love the first one, and the vintage feel.

Janelle Wind said...

Oh Katie, I just LOVE this LO SOOOO much. Thank you so very much - you really have made my day and seeing it pop into my inbox was just the pick up I needed today.

Thank you SO very much - I LOVE it!!!!
x Janelle

P.S. I love your style - it is SO beautiful

Kim Archer said...

Wow Katie!! This is gorgeous!!!!!!! I love the vintagey feel you gave the photos too. Looks fantastic! And Janelle's photos are beautiful!

Nic Wood said...

youve bounced back into not being sick in a big way babe!!! busy must be all that excitement about finally getting to finish up your job!
They are all just gorgeous. I just love the way you combine papers, and add the perfect little bits to finish it all off.

Nic xxx

Mel Diener said...

This is gorgeous Katie. I so love the vintage feel you give to certain photos, I'd kill to know how you do that...perhaps you could blog a tutorial hint

Jody said...

Hi Katie, we've had an ant problem too or should I say used to (at least for the time being anyway). I used surface spray, but obviously couldn't spray the table top, instead I sprayed the legs and any other path I thought they would take. Its been two days now and still no ants, even if they venture back at least we've had some relief without them. Take care Jody

Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE....I so loved your journaling about the "lids off" made me laugh.....hate to tell you girl....but it's a man thing...LOL! Believe stays with them for life....LOL!

It could be 'lids off......,plates left.....dirty out"....need I go on....BUT HEY you're right.....if I woke up on day to a clean kitchen bench.....I'd miss it!..I think?

Mardi said...

Katie...this layout for Janelle is absolutlety stunning...the 'look' you gave the photos is just stunning....
Mardi x