Saturday, December 16, 2006

jiggy's home for Christmas :)

My jiggy has come home! I can scrap again!! And its fun!!!

Pics haven't loaded in order.

First up is little Sebastian. How classic is the photo. Just had to include it in their proofs. He's not crying, he's happy/cheeky screaming. He's a month younger than Ethan, and at least 4 times as fast. This little sweety had rockets in his shoes I'm sure. Kept me fit, but it makes it even more satesfying when you get a pic you are happy with.

Last night while looking for something I stumbled across a notebook. I'd written lots of journalling things in it, to be scrapped when I had time. This journalling came from it, and I have another to come of Ethan at the same time, he was 18 months old. Love these papers, they came in the HUGE package Janine from Scrapbook Station sent me when I started on their Design Team. Also used some of the HS photo corners I received as my secret santa present from Scrap Pile. Still not sure who my secret santa was, so please let me know. I LOVE the goodies I received. A very generous pack of all sorts of gorgeous things. SR, HS and Collections. Yummy stuff.

Back to sweet little Sebastian again. Had to set up the train set to keep him occupied and sitting in one place for more than 4 seconds. Recognise it Cass? This is only part of it. I love the way wooden toys come up in photos.

On a sad note, Friday was Liam's last day of kinder :( I didn't think I'd be sad at all, but I even ended up in tears once I got home! I was on duty, so we dropped Eth off at daycare early, then headed off to kinder. I helped set up for the party, while the kids organised their presents for us (the main thing that got me into tears), and then had a last minute dress rehersal for their concert. We dressed all the kids in their right costumes, and hid them all back stage, while the mums and family were let in. Of course at this stage I sussed out and nabbed the seat with the best photo vantage point ;) Once we were all seated, the concert began. Each child came out and announced to us all (there were LOTS of us) his name, and his character. I almost died when Liam came out first. He must be the shyest child in the whole group, and they sent him out first! He stood there for a few seconds, wide eyed and almost horrified. His teacher leaned over and whispered his lines to him, but still he just stood there looking horrified. Again she whispered to him, and then he said it. He got a huge round of applause, which changed his expression from horrified, to very proud. Poor darling. He obviously wasn't expecting a crowd that big and was shocked. He did so well for the rest of the play though. And isn't he just the cutest sheep you've ever seen :) He happily posed for the photo, and decided sheep stick their tongues out :)

After the play/songs we all went downstairs to the play ground for a party. I managed to get a photo of Liam with most of his best friends, but did miss a few. We'll catch up with them for a play over the holidays though, so I can get them then. Also got some of him with his teacher and assistant teachers.

Then it was time to go. We were all given a big brown paper envelope on the way out. His teacher had worked so hard on this. The kids had painted the envelopes, and inside was a HUGE collection of things from his work thoughout the year, and photos from excursions, fathers day night, special visitors to the kinder etc. There was a beautiful cut out of him, where they had traced around him and then cut it out and painted it. And the bit that really made me loose it. A long strip of brown paper, with his painted handprints cut out and glued at each end. Along the brown paper were the words "in 2006 my hug was this big" I'm glad I didn't open it until I got home, because I melted into a blubbering mess. I know I will LOVE looking back at that when he is 16 or older. I really didn't expect the day to be so emotional. My baby is growing up!!

Then today I photographed a maternity/toddler/family session. I had planned to not work today, and try and relax before Christmas. But this bub is due in three weeks. So we got the pics. She's happy to wait until after Christmas for the proofs, as long as we just got the pics :)

This afternoon we had our friend and best man from our wedding's 30th birthday. I was laughing with one of the girls, that it didn't seem like 9 years ago we were there for his 21st! And who would have thought we'd all be back for his 30th with kids running around everywhere.

We've had so many Christmas parties etc this week. B has not been home one night. Tomorrow morning we have church, then in the evening there are two shows of our Family Carols Night & Christmas concert. I'll take the boys to the earlier one, but B is performing in it. He's Murry - the red Wiggle. Liam doesn't know, nor does B's parents or anyone really. I wasn't supposed to know, he wanted to surprise me, but after finding a Wiggles CD in the letterbox one night after work, I went inside and listened to the phone messages, and one of the girls organising it left a message about which song he had to practice, when the practice was being held, and when he had to be at church on Sunday etc. I would have loved the surprise, but at least this way I'll know to bring along the camera.

If you are in the Frankston area tomorrow night and want to get into the Festive Season, come along. They always do great Christmas concerts. Early one is at 5, late one at 7.30. Email me if you want to know where. (just don't like to put that sort of stuff on a blog anyone can read)


Lyn Dwyer said...

Make sure you get a shot of YOUR MR WIGGLE Katie......LOL!

Sounds like you had a great last day6 at kinder. AND.......what Liam did KATIE is quite normal..let me tell you!He did well to get his lines out at all.
That's what I love about infant concerts.....they are so spontaneous and unpredictable and it all adds to the fun on the night.

Jess said...

OK. That even made ME cry! Ethan's last day is Tuesday and they have a party in the morning and then their nativity play that night. Ethan's a shepherd. Even though he's going back next year, I'm sad this year is ending. He's made so many good friends this year and I know he's going to miss them. I know he'll make more, but I'm still sad!


Sofi p said...

Yes, I had tears in my eyes reading your entry Katie! Lee had his concert today, and we were given books too, with photos and special pages too.

They grow up so quickly don't they?

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Merry x-mas Katie girl! Sounds like u are having fun! Your layout is beautiful! Man girl u have been scraping up a storm :)

Pam said...

I've just found your blog and want to say I love all your LOs- fantastic stuff.

Mardi said...

Merry Christmas Katie .... thanks for sharing all your gorgeous photographs, layouts and ups and downs over the year....I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year..
Mardi x

Megan said...

Katie your layouts and photographs are just magic as always.

And big horrah's for Liam coming out and being so brave in front of all those people!

Megan xx