Thursday, December 21, 2006

So I'm now a WAHM :)

I had my last day at work yesterday, although I do have to go back in tomorrow for the Christmas break up lunch. Not to work, to a nice restraunt in Beaumaris.

Over this past year, in my attempts to be organised and spend quality time with the boys, I made Liam up some activity kits. I just got a few of those A4 zip slide plastic envelope things, and filled them with a variety of activites. I used a different envelope for each theme, and they were generally driven by the the letter he was working on at speech. I found a few good websites with great activities for kids and resources for teachers etc. I'd choose a theme... butterflies for example, when we were working on 'middle f' (butterFly). I'd search though his bookshelf to find a story that included a butterfly, print out an alphabet card for him to colour in/paint/glitter etc. Then we'd do something like cut out a butterfly shape from paper, fold down the middle and do a rubbing painting. I'd generally try to use Read, Write/draw, Sing, Craft activity, Physical activity. I'd pack all the bits and pieces we'd need into the envelope with any little reminder notes for me, and when we had a spare 30 or even 15 minutes we'd work though them together. Sometimes while Ethan was asleep, other times I'd just include stuff for Ethan to do at the same time. I'd keep all the different envelopes in his wall unit in his room, and he'd choose which one he wanted to do. Often I'd find him laying on the floor, surrounded by pencils, deep in thought, working through a pack. I found it a great way to spend quality time with him, and having it all organised and ready to go meant it didn't take as much time to do, and we could grab a few packs to take out if we were going somewhere 'boring'.

We've been working through Christmas packs lately. I know I still have one in there on Firemen too. (a beginning F pack). I thought with all the bushfires going on at the moment, it would be a good time to bring it out. Give him a refresher on what to do if there is a fire, and the stop-drop & roll they learnt at kinder. I used my old paperkin stencil to make a fireman, and his clothes. Liam has to dress him. He even comes with a drinking straw hose. He's cute actually :)

Thought I'd also make some 'getting ready for school' ones. Been thinking about making a little felt paperkin (probably inspired by Janelle's use of felt!), and making him a mini school uniform. That would be cute huh. We can pack his bag etc.

So, today, being my first official SAHM day, I thought I'd take a few pics to document our day. Nothing overly exciting, but our life. And I love our life. So pics... way up ^there^ now. Liam shared his breakfast this morning with some farmyard friends... anything to not actually eat anything himself LOL. Liam making a santa. I downloaded from here. I pinned him together with some brads. It was Liam's idea to cut toys out of a catalogue and stick them under santa's arms. The house stayed pretty cool, but when Ethan went down for a nap, we decided to pop on the fan, a Lightning McQueen DVD and eat icepoles. Liam also had a nap. Some other sites I've been loving for ideas for kids are this one, and this one. Check out the cutting pages. Sarah, Ruby and Liam made the sandwiches today, then Liam and Sarah did the picnic basket together. They were so busy, they had no time to argue. And they were playing so nicely. Instead of anoying each other (and me), they were all encouraging each other and saying what a great job they were doing. It was nice. And it so handy to have those extra packs made up, for times like that when other kids come over.

And my trees, that seriously looked like they were dying have started to sprout new shoots everywhere. It's now been 10 days since the water pipes went in, and the difference is amazing. We are babying them a bit, and giving them about 1 litre of water every night. As Melbourne is on stage 2 water restrictions, we are only supposed to water ever second night, but I don't think it matters, as I only use one watering can to do the entire front garden. And we've just put buckets in the shower... joining everyone else on that idea.

I've also, single handedly, spread two trailer loads of mulch in the past 10 days. That should help tone up my arms again :)

And we've been offline, as the computer got a virus. It was this time last year that I lost my entire computer to a virus. Christmas rush of photos... you can bet I was backing up like a crazy woman!! It's all good now though.

The little girl Sarah, from across the road is staying for a sleep over tonight. Her mum and dad have gone out, and her brother and sister have gone to other friends houses, but she really wanted to come here. We decided to let all three of them (Liam, Ethan and Sarah) sleep in Liam's room. Sarah's dad just carried her matress across the road, and we pulled Liam's off his bed onto the floor. His room is like on enormous bed... or trampoline? Needless to say I've had to take Ethan back numerous times, and tell him he'd have to sleep in his cot. Cute little thing just shakes his head at me, says "naaaaaw, Sassa" and goes back to Liam's room. It's been a while, so I think they have finally flopped.

And finally.... Scrapbook Station's forum is now up and running. Pop on over and say hello!


Julie LOVE said...

Hi Katie..just popped over to wish you and your wonderful family the BEST chrissy ever!!! take care :0)


Megan said...

Sounds like you had an awesome first day as a SAHM. So happy for you. Hope you and the fam have an awesome Christmas together. Look forward to catching up with you in the new year.

Nat-Mardon said...

What an awesome and organised Mum you are - the packs sound fantastic! Should keep you all occupied over the holidays too :)

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas Katie to you and your family.

Liam and Ethan are so lucky to have a clever Mum like you. I would never think to do something like those baggies. Wow might have to copy that

Take care and see you soon chick!!