Saturday, November 11, 2006

more on speech

Firstly, there has been another birthday in our family this week. We have another baby who has now been with us for one year... my camera :) And as every hard working (very hard working - over 8000 shots!) birthday girl deserves a pressie, I bought her a new filter to wear. It should arrive soon. I think it will really suit her. ;)

Liam has another assessment done on his speech yesterday, as he has self corrected a lot of things. He finished up with F and Lisa went to start SH only to realise that he can pretty much say it most of the time... so we had to have another assessment done. He only has three sounds to go. I know one was J, the other CH, but I can remember the other. T? or was it SH?

Anyway, we have also decided to look into stuttering therapy. It's a very high committment; we will have to work on it EVERY day and see Lisa once a week for a private session, plus group sessions. This will probably surprise a lot of people who know him, because, well, he doesn't really stutter! It's more that sometimes he just has so much going round that little head of his, and wants to get it all out at once, and sometimes it just comes out all jumbled up. So he is 'disfluent'. As he is now in the public system, it only costs $7 a session, compared to $50 to go privatley. Problem is the public system is only available to pre-schoolers, and that means he only has a few weeks to go before he's booted off and we have to go private again. Lisa is happy to continue to take him over the summer break, right up to the week before he starts school. (this was one of our issues in deciding wheter to repeat preschool or go to Leap). So if he needs to do this therapy, which is every week, sometimes 2 x week we are better to do this a the public rate, than at the private rate. Because the stuttering therapy is so intensive it means he'll be removed from phonics threrapy as it would be too much for him to do both. But I have done the phonics for so long, that I know the procedure to follow, and Lisa can give me all the paperwork for the sounds he has not yet done. And we can hopefully go back and see Jenni if he still needs it.

His disfluency is not that obvious, but we don't want to let it go until he is 10, hoping it will correct itself. When I look back over this year I know his speech, and sentence forming has developed 10,000 fold - probably due a lot to being in kinder, as we noticed especially the sentence forming within the first week or two. I'd rather invest the time into him now, and have it sorted. It's a nice time for him anyway, he likes it, and it's time where we concentrate solely on him.

bit of a ramble, probably made no sence, but I can't be bothered reading over it again right now. LATE night after the CC and chatting to Cass on msn, and now Ethy's had me up since 6. Feel yucky and queezy, and have a double photo shoot this morning and a newborn and toddler this afternoon.

I've updated and added some birthday photos. Scroll down, or click here


Lisa Le-Ray said...

Katie both of my boys of have had problems with speech! (Have had lots of help also). More boys do because of the 'y' chromosome! Caleb has improved so such over this last month, which has made me so happy! Goodluck to wee little Liam!

janinek said...

Hi Katie, Good luck with the speech therapy. And good on you for finally resigning! I love the layout below as well.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hi Miss Katie......just checking to see what I've missed out on the past week.
Glad to see that Liam has been doing so well with his speech. You are one very caring and observant mum Katie.You are so right to work on Liam's speech now while he is young and it sounds like kinder has also helped in his fluency of communication.Keep up the great work!