Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I need to burn my credit card!

Taking note of Liam's speech is making me realise just how often his speech is disfluent... it's quite a lot actually! At least at two different intervals in the morning, and again in the afternoon. I think we will go with the stuttering therapy and see how we go. I think it will make a big difference. Really now, the letters he has trouble with, are not uncommon for his age. He does lisp too.... we'll get there in the end.

I've felt crappy for the last few days. On Sunday I wagged church and went to the craft market with my mum, sister and SIL. It was a great morning and we all had a lovely time... then I saw someone from my past in the distance. Someone who was probably the best friend I ever had, until it all went wrong, and we haven't spoken in 11 years. At that time she had a 1YO daughter... she now has a 12 YO daughter! For the past two days I couldn't stop thinking of her. I realised I still miss her so much, but then I wonder if those doors are better kept closed? I am so confused about it all, so all I could do was nag God about it lol. Sometimes is just so hard to work out why things come up like that. Wasn't it all better left alone? So yesterday I took the boys to the park and while they played I started to read some of my Purpose Driven Life book. It's a Christian book and so amazingly spot on. I only read the first chapter, then played with the boys for a while. As we were driving home, I felt an amazing peace about it all, and just new that if she is meant to be in my life, God will bring her back. ... Gone all 'churchy' on ya huh? ROFL

Then today, we had another orientation day for Liam. I am so happy with his teacher. She seems so lovely. Very young, but very easy to get along with and not intimidating at all - which is good for me, cos we all know how chicken I am.

I also noticed today as I was trying to find Ethan something to wear, that his clothes are all getting ratty... not surprising really seeing as majority of them are Liam's left overs. BUT it is near impossible to find anything in the shops with long sleeves or long legs. So I decided to hit the pumpkin patch outlet website... $200 later (Brett's going to kill me lol) but I did get both boys lots of things, so I think I got good value ;)

Off to prepare dinner. B has netball again!


Nat-Mardon said...

You can go all 'churchy' as much as you want babe - if God's your life, you should express that in your blog too!

I'm so glad to hear you got into God about it and am trusting him for it...

Sounds like you've made some good decisions regarding Liam's teacher and speech too.

Sofi p said...

Katie, there is nothing wrong with being 'churchie'; have faith and trust in God, and you will see...

All the best with Liam's speech therapy too.

Wendy said...

Hi Katie,
I love the way our "seemingly" random choices in life (ie. wagging church) often leads us down a different path than what we expected. It's wonderful that seeing that person led you to a prayerful resolution about a subject that has obviously stayed in the back of your mind for the past 10 years.
Have lovely day and TFS :D