Monday, November 06, 2006

Party rundown

late the night before. finally finished piping those spiderwebs onto the cakes. I had planned to put chocbud spiders on top. We did them for Ethan's cakes, with piped icing legs, and blue eyes and red backs... but it was after 11.00 when I'd done this much, and I really didn't feel like a trip to the supermarket to get the chocbuds. And I thought they looked pretty good just like this. This is good for me LOL Cake decorating is not my forte! My sister on the other hand is brilliant! But I like the thought that their birthday cakes are made especially for them by their mummy :)
Next up... the spiderman version of frogs in ponds. Did I mention we had a spiderman theme? I had planned on just doing some red jellies, and some blue ones, then decided to make stripey jelly! So I spend all day saturday between other tasks, setting jelly! I wanted chocolate spiders to put on top, but the only spiders at the chocolate shop were huge (an really mean looking too!) and wouldn't have fit in the cup. So we went for bugs. It was a little hard trying to explaine to Liam why I only wanted the red and blue bugs, not the green or orange ones LOL Poor kid, it's hard to be a perfectionists son ;)
Notice even that the colour of the bug alternated with the top layer of jelly. I have to point that out... cos as if 30 5 year olds were going to notice that! LOL


I had strict instructions from master 5 to wake him up so he could see the castle be blown up. The guy arrived, thank goodness he rang the doorbell cos we were all still asleep! What was Ethan thinking sleeping in on this of all days! Does he not realise he has a very important job being our alarm clock? Obviously not. Anyway, I thought I'd let Liam sleep for a little longer while they started to set up the castle, but I kid you not it went from nothing to fully done in just a few minutes! He plugged it in and started to inflate it, and about 15 seconds later it was about half way up. I had to bolt and grab Liam out of bed just in time! He was pretty pleased ;)
Here is is, just finishing off. It was 7.15am!
Managed to grab on or two shots through out the day, but was pretty busy most of the time. Hopefully B's parents got some nice ones we can have copies off. I blurred the faces in this shot, as I haven't asked permission to use them. We told all the kids to come dressed as their favourite superhero or character. It was so funny, everywhere we looked there was a sea of mini supermen, spidermen, or batmen... and one snow white. Gorgeous. Although I kept speaking to the wrong superhero... thinking it was Liam. They all looked the same!
Once everyone had gone home, Scotty and Maz stayed on for a while, and Scotty took these pics of Me and Liam in the castle. Had to play with the levels a bit, as the castle is fully enclosed with mesh sides, and just a little 'mouse hole' entry. Nice and safe for the kids though.
I was really pleased with the castle and the service, so if anyone wants to know details email me. They service South, and South Eastern Melbourne suburbs, and the mornington peninsula. All you need is 4.5 square meters of clear space and a powerpoint. They do everything. All the set up and packup. He arrived back at 7.00pm, with his little vacuum and climbed inside to clean it all out before packing it up again. They are really clean and nice. They have a roof so if it rains the kids can still jump inside, and very safe too. The roof velcro's off in case of emergencies. It was so easy, I didn't even arrange any party games. The kids had a ball. We had it for 12 hours, and Liam wasn't bored at all.
Taking a break from the bouncing to check out some of the new toys.
Liam overseeing the packing up of the castle. We had the best weather. The sun didn't stop shining all day, and we were a bit worried about the wind as we live in a high wind area, but it was great. Just a lovely breeze. We all had a ball, it was a great day.

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