Thursday, August 24, 2006

You CAN help Dylan!

Jody from CTYD is organizing a fundraising scrapbooking day for a little boy named Dylan Hartung. Dylan went to kinder with Jody’s little boy Casey. Yesterday I read his website and just couldn’t stop crying. Dylan was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma and after Australian doctors had done ‘all they could’, and gave Dylan between 2-12 months to live, his family flew to America so he could receive further treatment. As you would! If you are told your young child has no chance but to die, of course you would do what ever is in your power, regardless of the cost, to give him a chance to live. Of course his medical treatment and family’s expenses would be incredibly expensive. That’s where the very generous Jody has stepped in. She has worked like a little slave to organise this day. You can check out her website here for more info. She has planned an all day crop to be held in Frankston. It’s a great central location, two seconds from the Frankston Freeway so it is easy to find. There are great demonstrations planned and prizes up for grabs. Its sure to be a brilliant day, and the money raised will go to such a worthy cause! There is space available for 150 people, and we really want to fill the place to capacity to be able to bless Dylan and his family.

Dylan is only two years older than Liam. I just can’t imagine being in that situation with my own child. My heart breaks that another mother has to endure so much. Let alone little Dylan, who is obviously such a brave little boy. Imagine for a moment if it was your little boy, or one of your child’s school friends. I'm trying my hardest to get there, and I'm going to buy a ticket regardless. Anyone want to come scrap with me?

Tickets can be purchased from Crop Till Ya Drop (Bungower Road, Mornington) or PaperDoll Scrapbooking Boutique (Beach Street, Frankston)


Jody White said...

Hi Katie, awesome news about your dad, good to hear he is home and looking and feeling alot brighter.
Thanks for the post on Dylan. It will be a fantastic day and a bit of an emotional one too.
I am truly greatful for your support. Jody

jane said...

yes, I intend to go, just got to get organised and get a ticket, trying to get a few others to come too

Sofi p said...

Hi Katie, yes I'll be there, it is such a great cause.

Megan said...

That sounds brilliant. Do you know if they will sell tickets to people over the phone using C.Card cause I would love to come
I've seen Dylan's story on the news a few times and he seems like such an inspirational little boy

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

I would love to come but living in Sydney is a tad too far to travel. I saw Dylans web site mentioned on another blog a few weeks ago and went and checked it out, had a read and cried myself silly.

No parent or child should have to suffer like that. It's NOT fair!

We have so much to be thankful for and especially if we have our health. I am thanking God as I type this that I am blessed with a healthy child.

Enjoy the week end Katie, take care:)