Friday, August 25, 2006

Hannah's dedication & Will's birthday

A couple of photos from last Sunday. It's almost taken me a week to get them on here. Life is so crazy busy at the moment, I feel like I'm frantically tredding water to stay afloat. I have a stack of emails I need to reply to, and I will get there, just not having a lot of time to get on the computer at the moment. I am finally catching up with some proofing. I was four shoots behind, now I'm only two behind. Had a maternity session today, and have two kiddies tomorrow.

Anyway, first photo here is Brett's sister Sally, her hubby Dave, and our Pastor Ken (holding Hannah) I think this should have been the last photo seeing as they have her certificate there.
It's tradition in our church to do the 'royal walk' with the bub. While the music team sing a song chosen by the parents, the Pastor walks the baby around the church showing her off to everyone.
Laying hands upon Hannah in prayer. Pastor Ken at front, our good friend Hutcho aka Pastor Steve, and Pastor Jim, Dave and Sally.
From church we headed up to my brothers house in Prahran for Will's birthday. Photos are again out of order here. This is Aidan (my sisters little boy) with the bunny rabbit cake.
Birthday boy Will with the elephant cake. Hard to believe three years have passed since this little boy made his VERY early arrival, weighing only 4lb!
Liam (in a gust of wind) with the lady bird cake, - and Ethan's hand trying to get it LOL
All the cakes. Sharnie had a tradition in her family when they were little where her mum would make their birthday cake at night after they had gone to bed. It was always a great surprise they looked forward to, to wake up in the morning and see what cake she had made. Sadly, Sharnie's mum passed away a few years ago. Before Justin and Sharnie were even engaged. She never got to meet her grandson who would arrive a few years later. Carrying on this tradition is Sharnie's way of keeping her mum alive in their memories and lives.

Finally he got his hands on a little frog cake :)

There was no way he was taking his eyes off it to look at the camera though. He looks as pleased as punch to have a little cake all of his own.


Nat-Mardon said...

Oh my WORD!! Aren't these just the cutest yummiest-looking little cakes!! What talent!! Couldn't do that to save my life!!

Glad to hear you had a great busy little time Katie :)

Anonymous said...

oh my, they look WAY too good to eat, they are gorgeous :)

kathie said...

Look at those cakes! I am looking forward to making kiddy cakes. Mind you, I'm not a big cake maker, so we'll have to wait and see how they turn out ;)

Sofi p said...

Katie you sound like you had a very busy but fun day, and those yummy little cakes! Ain't Ethan so cute with the cupcake in his hands!

Lauren said...

That is a beautiful tradition. I don't yet have kids but I hope I can share a fantastic tradition with them some day.

This little bit of the story made me get teary.

And the cakes are fab. Love it.