Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dad's home! Yay!!

A few quick shares. I've been a bit slack uploading the last few shoots (busy more like it actually). This is little Baily. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!
Ahhh little toes - they speak for themselves really.
And I just think this one is adorable! A friend of the mothers knitted this little hat and a matching koala teddy. Look at the little ears on there. Love it!

Dropped the boys at my sisters this morning on my way to work, then mum called about 4.00 to tell me she'd picked them up. I think they missed them ;) They were reading stories when I got there. I was so happily surprised to see dad pottering about the house. I thought he was still in hospital! He looked fabulous, not sick or off colour at all. Praise God!!

Brett went snowboarding again today. Left at 5.00am, back home by 7.30. Takes 3.5 hours to drive each way.

Liam has a yucky cold and keeps getting headaches :( Kids across the road had a similar virus. He always gets chucky when he's congested too, and blood noses. He slept in our bed last night but I did't get much sleep. Was up tending to his needs all night. Precious darling. While it's horrible that he feels yuck, I have so much patience with him when he's not well. It doesn't bother me what time of night it is, or how many times I have to get up, I feel very honoured to be a mum, and know that he takes so much comfort in just knowing I am there for him. Love my boys.

And finally for today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN! xx Thank you so much for your email this morning too - it was just what I needed!


Carolyne Hallum said...

so pleased to know your dad is okay girl. big hugs to you. love these photo's k...

Sofi p said...

It's wonderful news Katie that your dad is much better. Awww, those photos are too precious... it just makes me very clucky (you have the best job there girl!)

Rach Axton said...

Your photos are tooo cute!!! definitely need to do Megan.. Yay on your dad!!!

kathie said...

I hope Liam's on the way to recovery. And it's great to hear that your Dad's doing so well :).
Lovin' that little beanie and what's in it!!!

Kathy Pitt said...

Gorgeous photos girl and yah that your dad is home, what a beautiful sight that must have been :)

lusi said...

Hey girl, so glad to hear your dad is doing well!
Beautiful pics too as per usual :)
Hope Liam is feeling better reeeeeeally soon.
Lus x