Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Quick one

It's late and I'm tired, so just a very quick one tonight.

Brett went to the snow this morning - left at 5am! That's keen. He's home again now :)
I should probably point out that yesterdays post wasn't all that serious. He's serious that he doesn't want Ethan's hair cut, but the conversation stuff between us was all said between hysterical laughing.

I worked today. Long day! My gorgeous Ethy fell asleep in the car on the way home, so I just popped him into bed, and he hasn't woken since. Liam came in, told me he wanted me to cook him some vegies (what the?), then dragged his little tent/cubby out into the lounge, popped his sleeping bag in there and went to sleep. I scrapped a layout, well it's not quite finished. Can you believe I am thinking of entering a DT comp! Me?! Comp?! Oh my gosh!

We have another busy day tomorrow with swimming first up. And I have three photoshoots booked this weekend, plus I want to try and get a nice photo of Aidan on Friday for my sister, for her birthday present. Sally has booked Hannah's dedication, for the same day as my nephews birthday! I can't be in Frankston and Prahran at the same time :( And I still have to edit Sofi's photos! Couple of busy days comming up.

Five things I am grateful for today:
1. Quiet time to unwind
2. DH having a great time today and returning saftely to us tonight
3. Pay day.
4. HOT water in the morning
5. My gorgeous sons excited to see me when I get home from work.


Kathy Pitt said...

Oh i think you def have the talent for a DT girl :) go for it :)

How precious are Liam and Ethan! I loved reading about the tent :)

Carolyne Hallum said...

through your boys i keep getting reminded of when my children were young, i love that. i love remembering things like that. i miss those days.

i'm so pleased that you are finally going to be entering something. you know what we all think of your work and your enthusiasm is exactly what DT are looking for. crossing my fingers. hugs.

Megan said...

Yay for the DT Katie. You would be such an asset to any DT.

Ros said...

Go for it, the DT... You would be an awesome asset!

kathie said...

Oh that's right - I forget that he can get to the snow and back in a day - it'd be a week at least for us ;).
Go for the comp! Good luck
Oh yeah, and as for having taken your advice - I must say that it was ringing in the back of my head all day Sat. and maybe, just maybe, I wasn't *quite* as sick as I appeared ;). But I was still pretty damn sick!

Lyn Dwyer said...


....gotta love that Liam of 4 boys use to build cubbies inside with the tables and chairs and then lay underneath in their sleeping bags. They would use blankets to cover the upside down chairs.....they loved it!
...I've got to warn you though Katie......once they get a bit older they then want to tent it outside and then they want to tent it down the river with their mates.
Thanks for reminding me of these fun have heaps to look forward to Katie.

lusi said...

Wow! Your weekend sounds very full!!! Yay for Brett coming home safely and yay for you with a dt too! :)

Lus x