Friday, August 11, 2006

Is that a layout?

Don't adjust your screens! You are seeing correctly... I scrapped a layout! Infact I scrapped two. The first one was the the DT application, and then that got me all inspired, and I decided it was time for another challenge! 10 layouts, five products from my stash on each one. And this little baby took me less than 45 minutes (I know this because I had my timer on to scrap for one hour!) I scrap so much better when I do these little challenges. So quick and I end up liking the page too, they just come together so much easier.

OK the five products on this one:
1. Cardstock & PP that have been in my stash for over two years!
2. MM Chipboard letters (discovered via the wordfinder that I had the right letters to make 'cozy')
3. MM Chipboard heart
4. MM foam stamps and paint (never used that scallopy stamp before, and probably never will again. It looked horrid, and I had to stamp the little swirly things over the top - quite like it now though)
5. Took me a while to work out #5, but I ended up using ribbon and...
6. Jewellery tag.

I took the photo last night as the boys were going to bed. The journalling tells about our change in routine, and how I now take Ethan with me into Liam's room to tuck him in, so he can see that it's bedtime. Then we go and put Ethan in his cot. Every night after brushing their teeth, Ethan knows it's time to go to Liam's room and he runs as fast as those tiny little legs will go, to Liam's room and climbs up into the bed (it's hillarious to watch him attemt to do that, he's so small still, but he's so fast, and manages to get in there) snuggles down under the doona and cuddles up to Liam. I had to take a photo last night, it's so adorable!

So for today:
Big rush to get everyone dressed, fed and packed and out the door by 8.15. Dropped Liam at kinder, then Ethan at Family Daycare. Again no tears! Yay :) Hopefully that will continue. It's his third week now and he seems very happy... he's also very happy when I come to collect him :) Home for three hours with no kiddies! I set my little timer and did a power clean for an hour. Lots of washing done! Next hour, worked. Sofi, your proofs are almost done. Final hour, scrapping time! Finished off the DT layout. Back to kinder to pick up Liam, and organise with his teacher the little fathers day surprise they are planning and I am helping with (any guesses there!), then picked up Ethan, then home to meet mum and Aidan in the driveway. My week for looking after Aidan. Sam and I alternate with Mum and Dad to give them a bit of a break. Dad had to have a pacemaker put in his heart late last year, and Sam and I decided we wanted to take a bit of the pressure off them. They do so much for us. Sam drops Aidan off at Mum and Dads, then they bring him up to me. Mum stayed for a while as I wanted to get some nice photos of Aidan to surprise Sam for her birthday next week, and with three boys under for in the house, I needed a spare set of hands to do that! As mum was going, Poppy (Brett's dad) arrived to say hello. He was working in the area. Ethan had to have a nap, so yet another week we didn't manage to make it to Mum's group. I think they are getting the irrits with me, but one of them works one day, the others don't work at all, and I don't think they realise that I just don't have enough hours in the day to do everything. At the moment, between the two jobs I am working about four days, plus still getting to swimming, speech therapy, kinder etc.

Brett arrived home early (well ON TIME really LOL), then decided to go to the shop. By the time he was organised to go, I had the boys dressed in coats and boots and standing at the door. Told him they wanted to go with him; Told them he wanted them to go with him - sneeky mumma I am! What I'll do for 10 minutes alone... and after having all three, plus constant visitors all day I think I deserved it.

I have two baby girls to shoot tomorrow, and a family on Sunday. The deck is officially all screwed down. Hopefully the pergola beams will go up tomorrow. Photos won't load ATM.


Kathy Pitt said...

Love that LO, and the fact it took only 45 mins AND you used your stash! LOVE the idea of the timer.

You inspired me, 3 hours, and you got so much completed! Sounds like something i need to do :)

Im so happy for you to hear that Day Care is going well so far, and I really liked the idea of how you are showing Ethan that it is bed time, wish i thought of that like 8 years ago lol

Carolyne Hallum said...

okay, i've been sitting all day and still haven't a lo together - what the?????? i am SO jealous, see i really need to scrap with you more often. again, i am completely exhausted from reading about your day, once again bringing memories back of how i use to pack so much in. hugs.

Nic Wood said...

I treid the 1 hour of cleaning the othre morning after I put Isaac to bed - wow, its amazing how much you can get done. Now all I have to do is try and do it regularly.

Love the LO - gorgeous colours, and such a sweet memory to scrap.

Nic xxx

PS Ive tagged youq

Cass said...

Love the layout! Just gorgeous. And I must try your challenge. I have so many leftover bits and pieces around here that I really should use up.

Sofi p said...

Katie! What a sweet layout!I love the colours you have used! I'm in on your challenge! Can I count the two I did the other day? I did use old stuff that was in my stash.

Megan said...

Love that LO. The photo is so sweet. Seriously have to get myself a timer - I am actually halfway through cleaning the house now!! I get so distracted.

jane said...

gorgeous layout- great photo- love the black scrolls at the top and the scallops-how good is it too have a bedtime routine that is working!!!
i think i need to have a little lie down after reading all youve done- phew- LOL!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie..............think I need to try your 5 things from my stash when I get back from SYDNEY this coming week.I really need to start using up some of my seems to have grown so much lately and I really haven't put a dent in it!I think I need this challenge to actually start using some things.

Janelle Wind said...

Wowee Katie, you are an amazing scrapper. It takes me 45 minutes just to think about what I might do!! Your Lo looks fantastic - Love it. So sorry I haven't posted yours yet. Will do so early this week.

You sound super busy and don't feel bad about mothers group - they never understood me either. Between two jobs and running the home I just couldn't make it. I am sure your boys don't mind.

Can't wait to see your next creation...
xx Janelle

Lisa W said...

Love the Lo Katie. I would really like to snuggle in with the boys too.
I really admire the way you give your layouts some pizazz and yet keep the lines really clean. Well done.

Lisa W said...

Love the Lo Katie. I would really like to snuggle in with the boys too.
I really admire the way you give your layouts some pizazz and yet keep the lines really clean. Well done.