Saturday, August 12, 2006

Number Two

Layout #2. It's not very often I scrap a photo of me! This was taken at a friends wedding in March this year. Five things I used:
1. Scrap paper
2. Gin-X hearts
3. Arctic Frog stickers
4. Manilla Tags
5. Ribbon

Love the quote, I found it on a scrap piece of paper and can't remember where I originally found it, but I think it might have been on a blog.

And I had better post this photo taken last week of the deck. I've been trying all week to upload it, but blogger wouldn't play. Today they put up the beams for the roof, so I'll take another photo of that soon. Look GREAT! Add such a different perspective to it to see the beams up. Looks bigger I think. I love the colour of the beams. They are huge and the same colour as those huge posts. The closest deck in the photo is the kiddies area, the next one accross in the meals/chiminea area, and then over the other side is the formal/bar area. They have also put in the boardwalk down the side of the garage and through the gate to the driveway. That looks beautiful too. So proud of my clever hubby... he's not just a cute face :)

It's Brett's mums birthday today. We find her so hard to buy a present for as she has EVERYTHING! We decided to get a nice photo of the boys together, and so early this morning I dressed and organised the boys - silly me did Ethan first, so I then had to do Liam with Ethan on my hip the whole time as there was no way he was being given a chance to do a runner and make a mess! We did end up with a few beautiful pics, I'll post if blogger will let me load another one.

Had two photoshoots today. 19 week old baby girl, but she was 10 weeks prem, so she really should only be 9 weeks. Then a 6 week baby boy. Such cuties. I think I'm going to spend the next 20 years clucky in this job ;)

Did the tidy up thing and got the boys into bed then sat down to do an hour of scrapping while watching (well listening to) Joel Osteen on the net. Love that guy, I kept forgetting we could get satelite TV on the net. I used to watch him while we were living at Brett's parents while we were building. He's so inspiring. Tonight he was talking about 'eating the fruits of our words' and the importance of speaking out positively. ROFL, notice I didn't bag my hubby tonight :p

Five things I'm thankful for today.
1. God answered my prayers and led me to learn photography
2. Seeing the joy on peoples faces when they see their photos for the first time, and are happy with them
3. Being able to work from home, and still be there for my family
4. Having my family together, safe in our home.
5. Skilled friends and hubby who can build such a beautiful deck and pergola.


Sarah said...

look fantastic Katie!!!! You are lucky to have a DH that is so talented !!!!!! LOve the layout.. Mojo is back hey!!

Nat-Mardon said...

Layouts look gorgeous Katie - and so does that deck - lots of entertaining to come in summer I'm sure :)

Jess said...

That deck looks amazing! Brett is one clever hubby. Love that layout of the two of you too, such a great photo.


kathie said...

The deck's looking fantastic! I can just imagine you all sitting out there when the evenings get warmer. Yay, you got to scrap! Love the cozy photo, too cute :)
I like the idea of the challenges you set yourself.

Crissy Gaylor said...

Gorgeous layout Katie! You should scrap photos of yourself more often!

Lyn Dwyer said...

What a gorgeous couple you make KATIE!
The deck is looking great!
It's great to see such a creative couple working together and yet each pursuing their own interests!
Good luck with the DT thingy Katie!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

So nice to see a photo of you and your husband. Your a very good looking couple.

I love how you cut the paper with the jagged edge on that layout design, it looks fabulous.

The deck also looks wonderful. Great work. Your husband is very clever :)

Claire Daly said...

Loving your layouts Katie (and I am hugely jealous of that deck!!). It's nice to see you scrapping - if your life with 2 boys is as crazy as mine then that's a major achievement!


Sofi p said...

I really like the quote you have used on the layout. And the deck is almost done! It's looking fantastic.

Sofi p said...

What I meant to add is: love the layout! We tend to forget to scrap pages about our hubbies, or about being a couple.

jane said...

wow- the deck is looking fabbo- once the roof is on, we can scrap out there, eh! LOL
send Brett over when he's done- we need the steps on our deck finished off Heehee
love the LO of you guys too- will have to try the challenges like you do too

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie...........Sofi is going to love these family pics...well done!

Megan said...

The deck is looking sooo good. The boys have really done a great job on it. You have every reason to be proud of Brett.

Donna said...

Great photos. Especially love the one with Dad on his knees with the cute boy! Great pose and a great capture.