Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Leema, Leema!

I wasn't going to bother blogging tonight. Just finished editing a photo shoot, after a full on day at work, so no need to say I'm exhausted. Just had to get this down though.

Mum had the boys today, and at one stage she noticed Ethan sitting in her formal lounge. He was cuddling a framed photo of Liam. Mum said "what have you got there darling?" Ethan looked at her, pointed to the photo and said "Leema". Mum realised he was trying to say Liam, and took him into the playroom where Liam was. Pointing at Liam she asked Ethan "who's that?" and again he said "Leema" Ahhhhhhh my boy can say his brothers name... and I missed it! Well he did say it again for me when I got home. It started mum and I thinking about his speech, in comparison to Liam's (speech therapy and the rest) and I am relieved he is saying more at this age than Liam was. When ever we asked Liam what something was, or to repeat a word he just said "Da" And for a long time, until he was about 2 1/2. I remember having to teach him to say "wee" when I wanted to toilet train him.

A few of Ethan's words at 18 months:
Baba - bottle
kkkkkkk (like gross phlegm clearing noise) - yuck
Ap/Apa - Apple
Buh - Ball
Ca - Car

"No" is a shaken head still ATM
Anything along the lines of nappy changing is shown by grabbing his nappy
Like Liam his body languge and sign language is very good. He knows what we mean when we say "Coat on", "go outside", "shut the door", "brush your teeth (& open) ", "hungry?", "thirsty", "hop down"(this is a big one, I'm sure I have the worlds biggest climbers for sons!), "where is....", "time to sleep", "cuddle/kiss", "read story", "where are your boots?/get your boots"- this is a good way to occupy him for a few minutes if I need to finish something off LOL ... there are more, I'll add to the list when I think of them. All of these are followed with the appropriate physical response.

His first time saying Liam today got me thinking about Liam's first words, and their first things in general. As I drove home from mums, with the boys asleep in the back, I suddenly realised that I remember perfectly Liam's first steps, but I don't remember Ethan's. I started to panick for a split second, when I realised that I would have blogged it! Phew!!

OK, off to bed now.


Megan said...

How cool is that that Ethan said Liam's name. It must be so exciting to see your children developing and learning new things. I can't wait!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

It's fabulous when kids start talking and learning to express new words.

I could almost see your son sitting there hugging a photo of his brother, how adorable!

Enjoy every day Katie, they grow up soooo fast. I often look at my daughter and am shocked she is already 6 years old and at school 5 days a week. No more cute baby talk from

Jody White said...

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