Thursday, August 17, 2006

Layout #3

Here is layout number three. I wanted to add something to the top right corner, but decided it wasn't worth stressing over. I have a little dish on my desk that I throw bits and pieces into as I clean up - odd brads etc. The little cutout men and their embellishments all came out of that dish. I made the men about a year ago or more! I used a little cookie cutter to trace onto folded paper. Originally I'd made it for a 12x12 page, so I had to cut two men off. They are supposed to reflect the neighbourhood kids that Ethan is watching play in the street.

We have a beautiful front door, and don't want to cover it up with a screen door. It made it impossible to open the door to let fresh air in now that Ethan is mobile, so I put the kiddie gate in there. He loves to sit and watch the kids playing outside. He'd love it more if he was actually out there with them.

I've been setting my alarm to get up before the boys so I can be showered etc before they wake. It's the only way I'm getting anything done. This morning they beat me to it, waking 15 minutes before my alarm was due to go off. I've done well with my timer today. It's amazing what you can achieve in 15 minutes! I've done 15 minutes of ironing, of cleaning, washing, weeding, dishes... and more. We had swimming this morning, followed by a quick trip through the car wash, then had to go into Mornington to finish a bit of birthday shopping for my sister and Nephew (it's Sammy's birthday today!) And post off some work. (Sofi, your proofs are one their way - sorry I was later than expected :( Went straight to kinder from the shops, then home to return phone calls, call the other primary school to check about enrolling Liam for prep, ordered my groceries (comming tomorrow night), read some books to Ethan, cleaned up some more, quick play outside with Ethy while I hung out washing. Headed back to kinder to get Liam. Stopped at the supermarket to grab something for dinner. Home to do another 15 minutes of weeding before starting dinner, baths, stories, bedtime! Finished proofing photoshoot and packaged for deliver tomorrow.

There are still lots of things on my list that didn't get done. Tomorrow is going to be just as crazy! I have to write it all down as there is no way I will remember it otherwise.

Tomorrow I have to get Ethan out to daycare earlier than usual (8.15), then Liam to kinder, with some of Brett's work clothes, and I have to go too. The kids are all bringing in the clothes their dad's wear to work, and I'm photographing them all. They are going to use the photos for a fathers day surprise. Should be fun, and Liam will love having me there too. L(childcare) is keeping Ethan for longer tomorrow as I have to take Liam to Frankston Hospital straight after kinder for a speech assessment with them, then head back towards home and pick up Ethan. From there we are supposed to drop in at a local play centre to catch up with some of the kids/mums from kinder. Leave there in time to meet grocery delivery man, then organise boys ready for bed and head off to a friends birthday. Boys are comming, but they'll sleep there for the evening. At some stage I also have to find the time to clean up the house before Saturdays shoot and finish Liam's prep enrollment and get it up to the school! Is it normal for life to be this crazy?

Need to go do some banking etc now, and pack equipment for tomorrow! Oh, and sleep would be good too ;)


Sofi p said...

Firstly, girl, you exhaust me! How do you do it?Fitting everything in one day. Secondly, the layout of Ethan is sooo sweet. It's such an adorable photo of him watching the other children play.

I have to get cracking and do your challenge... um... and not shop before hand... (does a little ribbon here and there matter?!)LOL.

Megan said...

I'm with Sofi. I am tired just reading about your days. I am yet to get myself a timer but I really have to. I want a funky one but that's just another way for me to procrastinate so I think I should just go buy a standard timer and start getting more done like you! Hope your doing well love.

Cass said...

I agree with Sofi and Megan - I'm exhausted just reading about your day! Hope all went according to plan today. Have a great weekend. :)

Nat-Mardon said...

Love the layout Katie - it looks great without something in the top corner I think :)

So wit hthe 15 minutes, do you just do 15 minutes at a time, and so many times throughout the day? How often do you do that?? LOL, here I was planning to do JUST 15 in a day... lol... I need to try that technique soon, but yes, more than one lot of 15 minutes I guess :) :)


Mardi said...

Yay for you Katie...the timer seems to working so well....I wish I were as disciplined.
I love the layout..the little cut out men are gorgeous....ok..Im off to spend 15 minutes cleaning up...

Megan said...

Katie your layouts are always so classy - you have real style! I don't think the top right hand corner needs ANYTHING, it's just beautiful.

Megan xx