Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A social day.

Thanks girls. I love getting your comments and just want to thank you all for taking the time to let me know your oppinions. :) I think I was going for #1, I did like #3 too, but the crop bothered me a little. I've recropped it and think it looks a little more balanced now. Do you think it's better? I love #2, as it shows off his eyes etc better, but it is a bit boring - bit of a 'school photo' look.

OK Blogger won't play ATM. I'll try and add the pic later.

Today has been another frantic day in the Toland house. Eary start to get everyone organised for speech. Brett couldn't get away from work to look after Ethan, so he came in with us. He was good, stayed in the pram for most of the session. Jenni wrote me a letter to give to Frankston Hospital on Friday. They called yesterday to say they had a spot for him, they wanted to know first whether he was going to school next year. I wasn't sure which way to answer, so told them he was enrolled both at school and kinder for another year. Seems to have worked. The lady I spoke to yesterday was not very nice on the phone, quite abrupt and came across as quite rude really. I just stayed nice to her, wasn't going to let her bad day push my buttons! I asked her where we need to go for his appointment, and all I got in reply was "well, a year ago when we sent out your letter it had the directions on it and you were told to file it!" Just told her I would have done that then... sure there will be signs out at the hospital, or someone *polite* who will be able to point me in the right direction. I then asked her for her phone number and she started to tell me, before cutting off and saying "no I'm not going to give it to you, it's on the piece of paper". Noice! When I spoke to Jenni I just told her not to take Liam off her books yet as I wanted to sus out whether Frankston Hospital's speech department were nice or not! He loves Jenni and even though it cost an absolute fortune to see her, I'd rather pay the money and get somewhere with his speech, than see someone who is not warm and helpful to him.

On that note I have also learnt not to try and get Liam to say 'Truck' correctly in public. Lets just say we are working on 'F' at the moment and leave it at that! :o

So, enough of the winey, blah stuff.... one with the good stuff!

After speech we headed straight down to Safety Beach for a play date with one of Liam's kinder friends. He had a ball, absolutly loves this little boy, and they feel so special to either go to their friends house, or have their friend over. So gorgeous! Leanne then took Liam to kinder for me, while I went for a 'mummy play date', with my gorgeous friend Maggie. Ethan is the same age as Maggie's scrumptious little girl Chloe. We woke poor Chloe up before she was ready, but they still played a little (as much as 18 month olds play!) Mags and I had a great chat... although she didn't really get a word in (imagine that! LOL) I am such a chatterbox! Should really say *I* had a great chat. (Jane and Lyn, stop laughing!!)

From there we headed back to kinder to get Liam. Arrived a little early so I started reading "Raising Boys" in the car while Ethan climbed all over me, and emptied the glove box. Home to do 15 minutes of weeding, and 15 minutes of washing, then dinner etc, which brings me up to now. Going to go spend some time with my beautiful family, before packing bags for tomorrow and getting a little more work done. Also have layout #3 almost finished on my desk, will upload when blogger lets me.

Five things I am thankful for today:
1. A beautiful speech pathologist who makes learning so much fun!
2. Spending time with new and old friends
3. DH home on time
4. Being in control of my time, and getting more organised.
5. Living near the beach on a beautiful sunny day


Alicia said...

Hi Katie, Just popped over from scrap pile to say Hi. Your photos are awesome. I can;t wait for Kyan to be old enough to stay still for photos like that.

kathie said...

Oh, my nephew used to say that! One day he just started in the back of the car. My sister and her husband looked at each other, like "What the?". Each blaming the other, of course, for their son's violent cussing. Until, they realised that it was too rhythmic and coincided each time with the passing-by of a large truck. rofl!
Hope you get it sorted out, and don't see too many trucks out and about in polite company ;)

Mardi said...

LOL Katie....I wonder if thats why the English call them Lorries!
Wow...I dont drop by for a couple of days...and you upload stacks of gorgeous photos....layouts and I had to make a coffee to come back and read..lol
I love your timer idea by the way....it seems to be really working for you.

Sofi p said...

Katie, you have been busy. Good to hear you are having some "you" time too. Hope it all goes well with speech for Liam. I can really relate to the "truck" too.

jane said...

you- a chatterbox-LOL- such a wallflower you are, hardly ever say anything ROFL
ooh, you got my blood boiling with that woman not giving you the phone no.- so sick of people who deal with the public being rude- happens to me too, just because youre a mum doesnt mean you have all day to file that little bit of paper- we are busy people to yknow!honestly, why the *truck* (- :) couldnt resist) do they work in these jobs, if they cant be nice
ps looove living near the beach on a sunny day!

lusi said...

Sounds like you handled the not-so-nice-lady-maybe-having-a-bad-day on the phone really well! :) Good for you! It's so hard when you feel like there was no need for it!
Our Elijah has just gone through the *truck* thing too!
Your photos are just BRILLIANT girl!
Lus x

Jody White said...

Hi Katie, Just read your post about the Frankton Hospital Speech Dept. Let me you, I had my son there a year and a half ago, and the woman was exactly the same when I spoke to her. She is like that all the time, a real Bitch, she said exactly the same thing to me. In saying that though Casey saw a lady by the name of Lisa can't remember her surname, at Frankston and she was fantastic. Before that he was seeing a lady at a private clinic on Beach Road and yes was expensive, however I did like Frankston better. I think that lady has a bad day every other day. Whatever you decide go with your gut instinct. Jody White.