Sunday, August 27, 2006

Are you 10,000?

Wow, I can hardly believe I am almost up to 10,000 hits since I put the counter on. Just for a bit of fun I thought I'd send a little RAK to the 10,000th hitter. So if it says 10,000 leave me a comment saying so or email me... now no refreshing to get to it, I want to see how long it really takes ;)

I *might* share a photo of the new do - maybe ;)


Ros said...

Is it me? Am I the 10,000 hit? That is some serious reading by bloggers... Must be all the awesome photos you keep sharing Katie!


Sofi p said...

Woo-hoo congrats Katie!

Donna Wilson said...

well you've done it.... it's rolled OVER the 10,000 that's an amazing achievement. Love checking out your blog Katie. xx

Kathy Pitt said...

Cant see the counter, but hey I want to see the new do :D Congrats on 10 000 hits, that is pretty awesome !

Mardi said... must be very it no wonder with a your stunning photography and layouts....and cant wait for you tho share some more pic's of you with your new 'do'
Mardi x

Megan said...

So cool you are up to 10000 hits on this blog. Not at all surprising though, cause you are one awesome chick.

lusi said...

Wooohooo girl! Totally cool - 10,000!
Thanks for sharing your life with us :)
Lus x

Anonymous said...

I think 5,000 of those are my hits lol

Leanne Stamatellos said...

10 000 hits - now that's alot!

i can't see the count but congratulations.

i want to see how groovy you look - please post a pic !

Nat-Mardon said...

well its WAY over 10,000 Katie!! I might just have to get me one of those counters for my blog :)

Nat xx

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie....Lou has 500o hits and mine must be the other 5000...LOL!

You are such an inspiration girl.
CONGRATS on all the hits.....hey KATIE.....perhaps you should start charging.....mmmmm...think of the extra $$$$$$$$......and all the extra scrap goodies you could purchase.LOL!It's taken me ages to read your blog so I can catch up on two weeks worth of reading have been a busy little beaver haven't you!

kathie said...

10000. Wow!
Yes, I want to see pictures please :)

Nic Wood said...

well wheres the pics??? come on we want to see how gorgeous you look!

Nic xxx

Cass said...

Counter is over 10,100 now so it's flying along! I love popping in for a read and to look at your gorgeous photos! :)

Come on, show us the new 'do! :D

Megan said...

That's because we all love to see what amazing work you are doing and what awesome photos you are taking!!!

Megan xx