Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So who wants a RAK?

So who was it? Who was #10,000. Had to laugh, thought it would get there some time this week, not that night! It's you girls all wanting to see my new look isn't it. I will upload a pic, hopefully tomorrow. They are still on the camera and I just can't be bothered downloading them just yet. I am so exhaused tonight. Its CRASH time again. I seem to work like a crazy woman for a month, then fall in a heap. Liam's down for the night, and I've just had a little nap in my bed with Ethan to get him to go to sleep. Brett's at netball, he can move him when he gets home. I've caught the virus the boys have had. I've had a headach for the past five days now, congested and stomach cramps :(

I was on my way to work this morning, (well to mum's first) driving down Moorooduc Road in the right hand lane, doing 100km, when Liam screams from the backseat - "Ethan's Seatbelt!". It just came undone! I know I checked it when I put him in the car. I always buckle it up, then tug on it, and I KNOW it was locked in. I'm sure he wouldn't be able to undo the buckle himself. I have always found it strange that the buckles are bright red and right where the kids can reach them, but surely there is a safety catch or something stopping kids from undoing them. I must have looked a sight, one hand reaching over the back on Ethan, the other indicating and steering to pull over while hitting the brakes! I've called Safe-n-Sound, and there is a new seatbelt on it's way to me. No charge.

Did a maternity shoot last week. She's chosen to have one of the pics enlarged HUGE! Gorgeous pics, but I won't share them here. She hired some angel wings from a party hire place, and just wore those, with some pretty undies. It was very discreet and tasteful, and she's having it enlarged for her hubby for their first wedding anniversary pressie. Can't wait to see it IRL.

I'm re-designing our website at work. Sick of the people who do it currently. I sent through some photos and specification tables for them to insert with instructions such as "under **** photo, insert this specification table". Can you believe they actually put that sentence on the website! They honestly have no clue. It's been fun for me though, as I actually get to do something creative at work. Today wasn't as much fun though, had to start getting all the accounts finalised for the end of the month. Two more months and I'll be handing in my notice :) Ooooooh, nervous and excited at the same time.

I need to find a pair of bathers tomorrow. Promised Liam I'd take him to a big indoor pool complex he's been nagging me to. Definatly time for new bathers... (swimmers for you northern folk! LOL)

OK I'm off to bed.


Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE......hope you are feeling better real have such a busy life at the moment!
Great to see they replaced the car seat!
Take care girl.......

Sarah said...

Katie, you need to slow down, rest when you can believe me....

OMG about the whole seat belt thing. I would have freaked out to... Lucky they are goign to replace it for you cause that just should not happen ;)

Count down the days sweetie.. you lucky thing, being able to work in your dream job...well done, you so deserve it!!!!

Take Care!!!!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Ouch Katie, having a headache for 5 days that's not fair! Your too nice to be sick. Get well soon:)

Glad your son wasn't hurt in the car when the belt came undone. That doesn't sound good.

Happy shopping for the new bathers/swimmers. I haven't seen any in the shops this time of year.

Sofi p said...

Katie, having Ethan's seatbelt come undone must have been so frightening. Well done to Liam for alarming you, give him a big hug from me.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

hey katie ,

bathers in melbourne !!!!
do you guys actually wear them down there ? hehe !

hope you and the boys are all feeling better soon.

who was the 10 000th hit ?
don't think it was me - i couldn't see it at all.

kathie said...

Ugh, hope you're feeling better soon.
Y'know, I only thought that this morning, as I buckled Jamie into his car seat and he fingered that red button lovingly. I wondered how easy it would be for him to undo the belts. Gulp. Good thing you had a little helper to tell you it was undone!
Those maternity shots sound unbelievably cute.
Good luck with the bather hunt. Double ugh. It's the worst thing I could think of doing.