Friday, July 28, 2006

Found it!

Do you have heaps of left over alphas? I do. Particularly lots of HS ones that I love, but never seem to have the right letters for the job. I knew somewhere out there some geek must have put together a website, like a scrabble solver or something. Somewhere where I could type in the letters that I have and get a list of words I could make with them.... ta-da! Big thanks to the scrabble loving geeks out there with extra time on there hands - you just saved me lots :)


In other exciting news I've just dropped Ethan off for his first morning of Family Daycare... the reason I have time to sit and find a scrabble solver on the net! LOL He did run and grab onto my leg as he got the idea I was getting ready to go, but when I did go the carer gave him a cuddle and as they closed the doors behind me I saw him looking out through the blinds next to the window, that sweet little face, confused a little - thinking "what are you doing mum?"; but I just smiled and waved at him and left. His carer just called to say he's having a lovely time and just did a painting for me. I'm happy :)


Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

That's excellent news on both counts. I am happy he settled in ok and is having fun painting.

Enjoy your day:)

Leanne Stamatellos said...

great find with the scrabble link - I can use that too !

Megan said...

So glad that Ethan is cool with daycare. I'm sure that takes a huge load of your mind. You can be a woman of luxury now (well for an hour or so a week anyway!! LOL) And nice find with the wordfinder.

Kathy Pitt said...

Thanks for that cool link!! :) glad I could cover up that ruddie bit in the middle of the site ROFL

So glad to hear that Ethan is having a good time at daycare :)

Sofi p said...

Good to hear that Ethan is happily painting away at daycare! Katie, at least it gives you a little "you time".

Thank you for the link. It will come in handy!

kathie said...

I'm so relieved for you that he had a good day at childcare. I was holding my breath as I was reading, hoping that you weren't going to write that he was crying.

LOL at the scrabble finder. We should start a letter bartering system. Got any j's? :D

Mardi said...

What a great site...Ive always cursed all those left over Im going to have some bizarre titles on my layouts...but no alphabet wastage...LOL

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie...........glad to hear that Ethan's first day went ok!
The "wordfinder" is great isn't it.
I use to use it at school whenever we were doing a theme at school. the kids loved making word grids.

Anil said...

Hi Katie,

Try this scrabble helper. It will not only save ur time but will keep u engaged with its anagrammer as well !