Friday, July 28, 2006

For Andrea

Andrea your proofs are on the way :) Here is a sneek peek for you.

For everyone else, this is spunky little Jesse (with beautiful eyes). He was having a little silly few minutes and was lying on the backdrop, I stood over the top of him wiggling my feet into his sides to tickle him ... it worked LOL :)
His beautiful big sister Ashleigh. My first time dealing with glasses glare, I knew the theory behind it, just never had the oportunity to work with it. It was easy really, just had to keep it on my mind and fiddle with the positioning a little. Andrea does scrapbooking so she wanted some 'brushed' photos. In this one Ashleigh has the orange butterfly in her hands (not sure if you can see it in the small photo)
Sweet little Jesse again. Butter wouldn't melt huh LOL.

And I love this one of them together. So natural. Cheeky little brother, patient, giggly sister. Too cute. Ahhh, once again, I love my job!

Sarah, your up next! I'm half way through yours.


Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Every time I see some of your photos I am so excited. Even though they are not for me I know whoever does receive them will be very impressed and happy with the results. Your so talented, skilled and professional.

These (and all your photos) look fantastic. I can see why you love your job so much and am happy it gives you such pleasure.

Have a wonderful week end and thanks for sharing:)

Sarah said...

OHHHH Katie they are Amazing.......
How cute is Jesse.....
Can't wait for mine.


Sofi p said...

Katie, you have done a brilliant job on these, I think my favourite is the first one, I can wait to get pics done too! Not long now...

Leanne Triggs said...

Your work is just fabulous Katie! Think we might be taking a plane ride to get some done!!

Megan said...

Hi Katie,

These photos are so sweet. Gorgeous kids, aren't they?!

Well done Katie, you are just going from strength to strength.

Megan xx

Mardi said...

Katie...I think Susan has summed it up ditto from me.

I think Ill go to bed and read my camera instructions....LOL

Mardi x