Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ooops I forgot one.

When I was adding recent sessions the other day I kept feeling like I was missing one... I was. This is little Ali. She was such a sweet and cute little girl. Two and a half years old, and anyone who has or has had a two and a half year old knows they don't think much of sitting still LOL. There is just too much to see and do to sit still and have your photo taken :) It is a very rare two year old that will, it's not a sign of how well behaved they are, it's just their age. I don't expect them to sit still. She really was such a good little girl and we got some good shots.

It seemed this weekend I was supposed to have a rest. I had a maternity session booked for Saturday morning, but she thought she had gone into labour early on Friday (so we'll be doing newborn shots instead). Then Saturday afternoons family came down with gastro. Both have re-booked though. I'm not sure at this point if next weeks will still go ahead either. If anyone wants to book in, let me know :)

I have a few more left from your shoot Sarah and then they will be on their way to you.

I have almost finished my third FK EM layout.

Have you seen the layout on p138 of CK? The one with the chicken. Got to read it! I went out and bought a kitchen timer. Best trick yet is setting it for 15 minutes when you go to check your emails. How many of us sit down to check our emails to find ourselves an hour later reading blogs! HA! Perhaps with that thought you should leave me a comment (pleeeeeese!) and get off the puter LOL ;) Or is it only me who is that bad. OK Ethan is destroying my nicely tidied office, so I'm out of here :)


Megan said...

Hey Katie - I totally loved that LO. Such an awesome idea and I am so going to do that. Hopefully I'll manage to achieve a heck of a lot more in a day. I am just as bad as you on the computer - I sit down, check emails and blogs and then realise 30-45 mins has passed. What a waste! Here's to the chicken timer!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Yes ....I'm guilty too Katie.....I have been known to set the oven timer so that I'll get off the computer before dinner burns.....actually I can go one better..I have actually let it ring out and then burnt dinner..LOL!

Jess said...

Ditto to Megan and Lyn. I'm shocking at blog surfing instead of working. No wonder I'm always behind! OK. Going to work NOW!


Megan said...

You're not alone Katie....I am really bad when I sit at the computer! It's probably one of the reasons why I have stopped using it so much!

Love the photo of Alli - she's gorgeous.

Megan xx

jane said...

yes, another who says 'i will just have a quick look,' and it turns into a long look. havent been comment too much, as ive had the keyboard out of reach of Luke!
love your photos as always, there is obviously a new CK - i dont have a chicken LO in my latest issue (july) looking forward to seeing Sarahs photos too

Sofi p said...

Ummmmmm, yep (putting hand up), I'm guilty too!

Donna Wilson said...

just one word.....GUILTY!!!

Cass said...

Yep, I'm guilty too! Always so much to read! :)
I haven't seen the layout, but a timer sounds like a great idea!

kathie said...

She is such a cutie.

I'll have to have a look at that LO. I must fess that my CK is still sitting in the corner relatively unread. Blogging is my huge time waster. I should stop. But I won't.

suz said...

blah. katie, kathie me too. ck unread dishes undone but blogs checked woefully regularly.
your photography is just just wonderful katie, i've long been a quiet admirer.