Thursday, June 15, 2006

Which one?

Had a little play with invitations tonight. Which do you like the best? Would either of these make you go to a portrait party?

I did do a HUGE long post tonight, but then blogger ate it, so here is the highlight of the day :)

Past my bed time now, night!


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
I love both of the invitations and if I were you, I would go with both and maybe some more as well. Don't narrow your talent down to one photo- use a selection. There is no reason why you can't. More variety- ie- babies, children, families etc -shows that your talents lie in many areas. Just my opinion!!!
By the way- wish I lived closer because I would be booking a session!!!

Lyn Dwyer said...

I agree with Janine Katie.Using a selection of photos shows how versatile you can be. Perhaps target specific know....if you were asking kinder parents...use a small child pic.....if you were asking school age mums.....use an older child pic....etc.etc.
Perhaps you could also target the older generation....and use your mum or dad as the model.....just a thought...


Megan said...

They both look unreal Katie. I so want to book a party for some of my girlfriends and I (some have babies and some don't)

Sarah said...

OHHHH i love them both. Depends on your target as the previous ladies have said. Maybe mix it up a little and give out the invites for the specific clientele. It would be really hard for you to have a portrait party and get a mix of babies, toddlers, children and adults. Imagine all the props you wuld have to bring!!

Just my 2 cents. Hope i help

Mardi said...

Well..I have to agree they both look beautiful..I wouldnt be able to choose.
I would book you in a flash...but Im a bit far away.
Im guessing you will do teenagers as well....Im imagining that would also be a challenge...they are not always the most cooperative.
Mardi x

Mardi said...

Oh Katie...just want to mention..I think Ive fixed my Blog so it links fron my profile...if that makes any sense.
Mardi x

Leanne Stamatellos said...

both are adorable but i vote the first one - you know how i love angel wings and the chair is too cute.

Jess said...

Tough call Katie! I'm not a big fan of props normally - I prefer natural settings. But that first one is really cute, and it's quite original, so I would probably go with that one. How far exactly are you prepared to travel??? Is Moonee Ponds out of the question? lol


Nic Wood said...

they are both gorgeous, but my vote goes to the first one - I think it has more of a universal appeal - imo.

Nic xxx

PS dont ya just hate it when blogger doesnt play nice!!!

Megan said...

Oh YES Katie, I'd go! I love the pink baby one the soft and girly and gorgeous.

You do such beautiful things :-)

Megan xx

Ros said...

I like them both but would like to see some other themes like the other girls mentioned. Maybe a family and a couple would do it. I would probably use a different couple to those featured in a family pic... I think it shows that you are talented in all areas then.

Sofi p said...

I think both of them are equally gorgeous. I agree with what everyone has said; if you have a few different ones, you can appeal to many potential clients.