Monday, June 12, 2006

Hannah @ 4 weeks

Sally bought Hannah over today for her little shoot. It's funny when you put Sal and I together. We get along so well, she really is like my little sister (she was only 14 or 15 when I first met Brett), but we are just like chalk and cheese too. Totally different. Sally was the one who was supposed to have the girls, and I was meant to have boys. It's just in us if that makes sense. I love things grungy, no frills, streamlined... and Sal, well the prettier the better. I love minimilism, Sally loves to be surrounded by little bits of 'prettyness'. When it comes to photos, Sally likes props :) I was planning to have Hannah naked on her tummy, with her tush up in the air, you know, knees tucked underneath, but Sally didn't want to take her clothes off her, and that is all good. I am very concious, when I take people's photos, of the fact that they are their photos, and I can guide them and offer ideas, but at the end of the day, if they don't like it, they don't like it (and they won't buy it)... (not that Sally has to buy them, she is my sister! (IL) ).

Mum and Dad came over today, so they picked up the foam cushion for this for me, but I need to go fabric shopping for the cover. They bought my other nephew Will as my brother & Sharnie have to work public holidays, but Will's creche is closed, so M&D have him. He had a good play with Liam. I saw Ethan tottle off towards them, but a few minutes later heard him screaming. I rushed to find him, to realise his screams were comming from the toilet (for a split second I had visions of him with his head in the loo, with his feet sticking out!) Liam had forgotten to shut the door and he'd got in there and climbed up onto the toilet. Then slipped. When I got there he was hanging half off the cystern, and there was a big smear of blood across it! Don't you hate those moments, the seconds that feel like hours, where you try to process where the blood could be comming from. Our cysterns are ceramic, so they are really hard when you hit them, and he put his tooth through his lip. Very badly, but thankfully he didn't chip his teeth too. I was worried that he'd need stitch (public holiday sitting in Frankston Hospital Emergency... along with a good chunk of the population I'd guess!) After the bleeding slowed down he chomped away on an un-open tube icypole for a while. I think its OK, but he's going to have a fat lip for a while.

Brett's sick too. Need I say more, we all know what it's like when the man is sick :(

Then Liam was supposed to say at Nanna & Poppy's tonight for sleepover, but when Poppy came to get him, he'd just developed a bit of a fever too. I have to work tomorrow. Boss' son and the technical manager have gone to WA to install a huge machine. At least it will be peaceful... I hope. So how many more weeks are left of this year?


kathie said...

What a day you've had. Poor little Ethan. I can only imagine the horror you feel for those few moments when your child is screaming and you don't know what's happened. Not looking forward to that. Your photo with the new prop looks fab :).
Oh you are really counting down, aren't you ;).

Mardi said...

Wow!!! what an absolutley beautiful the prop too....just perfect for a girly girl.
Hope Ethan is feeling ok today too.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Love the new prop Katie!
Hope Ethan is ok.


jane said...

Hannah is so teeny tiny :)
have to say, i can see Miss Chloe sitting on that chair. Hope Ethan and Brett are better today

Shelley said...


I'm a new visitor to your blog - this photo is awesome! I love your work - the clean uncluttered look!

Shelley :)

Sofi p said...

Hanna looks so tiny, she looks so precious and sweet.

Hang in there Katie, not long to go before you leave your job. You'll have to have a going away party to celebrate!

Nic Wood said...

Gorgeous new prop - I can just picture it with the luscious new cushion too.

Hannah is just adorable. I tried taking some pics of my new little niece for my sister yesterday. You must have the patience of a saint - trying to get a 3 week old to co-operate is near on impossible!!!

Hope the next few months before you can ditch your job dont drag to much for you. At least you can focus on building up equipment, props etc for your photography while your still working there. The end of the year will be here before you kmow it!

Nic xxx

Megan said...

What a stunningly beautiful photo Katie!

And poor little Ethan...I bet your stomach turned in knots. Glad to hear he is on the mend :-)

Megan xx

Sarah said...

OHH Kaite,
i hope Ethan is feeling a bit better now. Poor little Man he must have got a big fright just like his Mummy did.

Take care

Jess said...

You poor thing! And poor little Ethan! Hope everything is ok now.