Sunday, June 11, 2006

Deck update... and a find!

Look! We have decking!! It's not all screwed down yet, but it's all cut and in place with holes pre-drilled. For this deck anyway, which will be the kids area, and is the biggest of the three. There are still the other two decks, two catwalks to do, and near our back gate a boardwalk that leads from the driveway, through the gate, down the side next to the garage to the back yard. The posts and bearers are in for that, so just the timber to go down there as well. Finally, I can step out of my back door and not be standing in mud! You have to live through that to understand just how good it is! (Hmmm don't know that DH will be too pleased to have that photo of his toosh on the net, but it is cute :p )

I left the lid off my box of props, and the Ethy-bug found the butterfly wings. There will be stainless wire between the blue handrails to keep the kiddies in. The big stripe down the middle is just the window frame, I took the pic from inside.
A week or so ago I was looking for some photog props, when I found the frame of a wrought iron bench seat. It was just the frame, but I planned on getting Brett to cut an MDF insert for the seat, then getting some foam cut for a cushion and mum was going to make me a few cushion covers in different colours. Blue/pink/neutral etc. I had gorgeous ideas on how to use it for a baby, but thought it would also be great for small families. At the time I had both boys and the pram with me so I couldn't get it, but the place had three of them so I thought I'd be OK to come back later. I went back today, with Brett's car (big boot) and no kids. The place is HUGE. I spent ages trolling up and down all the isles, looking at all the stalls but the seat was no where to be seen. Gone. All three of them! I walked and walked, rechecked and rechecked hoping one of them would re appear. But no. On my way out I did spot this. It is supposed to be a plant stand? But it looks like a pretty good seat to me. It will fit two kids on it, and I have the same idea with the cushion. I called Clark Rubber to organise the foam (wow, that's not cheap! Silly me had NO idea!) And I'm going to do the same thing with the cushions. The cushion will be really thick, about even with where the scroll curls over to the lowest point. Make sense?

I was having a little play tonight with the lights after the trouble they were giving me through Coco's shoot. Ethan wouldn't have a bar of it (which is why I resorted to the teddy). I really wanted a real person though so I grabbed Liam and made him model for me ;) He also got into the props though. I didn't mind... looks cute. I just folded a bath mat up to put underneath him so the iron didn't hurt his feet. Bummer I chopped the legs off the chair.


Leanne Stamatellos said...

gorgeous prop katie.
can't wait to see the shots that come out of this.

hannah's mum is more than likely sleep deprived - there is no way anyone wouldn't love a photo taken by you.

Sarah said...

OMG....That Photo of Liam is just beautiful. Great little poser for you. Deck looks wonderful.. It was a great day today to get stuck into it as well......

Rach Axton said...

Yay about your decking!!!! I can't wait to share some champers with you out there when the summer comes round!!!

And I love your pictures.. poor little Liam he is such a good boy.. and very cute..

Oh and I can't forget teddy, isn't he just too adorable and very good for the camera!!

Rach xx

Lyn Dwyer said... the new prop!
AND ...the deck looks great!Bet you can't wait to have a "deck party"...LOL!


Jess said...

I always knew Liam was an angel in disguise!

Your deck looks fantastic.


jane said...

the photo of Liam is stunning
the 'plant stand' is stunning-
the deck is 'stunning'-
the tushie- aint commenting on that one ! LOL
Ethans a cutie in his wings too!!!
think i 'need' the name of the shop you got your stand from too....
i know the feeling of mud at the back door, and how good it is to get a deck built (although its not as big as yours) it looks fantastic- well done to Brett!

Sofi p said...

Love the props. I really love the photo of Liam and the angel wings too. I can see that one scrapped soon. And the deck... Almost done! It's looking fab!

Megan said...

Liam's angel wings are adorable and that stand is gorgeous. You are certainly getting a nice stash of props there. And the decking looks great.