Thursday, June 15, 2006

More invitations

Wow, thanks for all the input! I was actually thinking along similar lines, ie doing a range of invitations, but mostly on babies/kids, not so much families and couples, so thanks for those ideas. I'm thinking I'll do about 9 different ones. I plan on doing one or two parties here first, for friends. Do discounted photos for them in return for HONEST (anonomous is OK) feedback. The little girl on the first invitation is Sarah, from across the road. I did her and her brother and sister before Christmas last year. She is such a sweetheart, and she's also Ethan's 'other mummy' LOL. Ethan can say mum, dad, dog (da woowooo), cat (da eeeeeeooow), hot (hut), and Sarah (sss-a). When we say "Ethy, where's Sarah?" He runs to the window and points to her house. :) He adores her! OK, got a little off track there! The baby photo is Ethan (another pre-SLR). Wanted to show a real boyish idea. So many photos are girly. Even my gallery is full of girly photos. I do seem to photograph girls more than boys. Just don't want people to think they can't have gorgeous pics of their sons, just because they don't want butterflies, flowers and pearls.

OK, waffling again now. Off to watch a movie with DH & Liam (and explain to Liam for the 1000 time why he can't watch King Kong!

I'll upload more invitations when I've done them.


Jess said...

They look great Katie. Don't forget when you start booking them for Christmas you use some of your fantastic Christmas shots!


Carolyne Hallum said...

i love them all katie - i can't pick just one. why not mix them up. maybe i could get you to shoot my kids, have you done teenage boys before - so hard to for them to crack a smile. SERIOUSLY. love what you are doing.

Nic Wood said...

Wow these are fantastic Katie. I so know where you are coming from about the boy shots too.

You could almost create a gallery of framed invitations they look so good LOL. Im sure you will have people lined up to book you with this idea.

Nic xxx

Ros said...

Love the new invited and the one of ethan is great...

Mardi said...

These are just as gorgeous as the others...even my daughter commented on how beautiful they were as she walked past the computer. I seriously believe you are about to be rushed off your feet...this is stunning photography.
Mardi x

Sofi p said...

Katie, all of the invites are gorgeous. I can't help but love the one of Ethan and the little car! Too cute!

kathie said...

Your invitations look fantastic, Katie. Love them all. I would certainly come along to a portrait party if you were running it :).

Lisa W said...

How many people would we need to organise for a party??

These pics are just grab at the emotional heartstrings!!

Ps Glad that Blogger eats up others' posts as well as mine LOL.

See you soon