Tuesday, June 20, 2006

There's going to be a new baby!

I think it's OK to tell, but not entirely positive, so all I will say for the time being is that there is going to be a new baby in the family... and NO it's not mine!

Today Liam went around the corner to play with one of his little kinder friends, so Ethan and I took a trip to Frankston to spend some vouchers I had, and meet up with DH for a *very* quick lunch. I had a Pumpkin Patch voucher, and seeing as their jeans were on sale I bought Ethan two pairs and Liam one. And I only had to put in $10. Then I found myself a few little sales/bargains too. My jeans that did fit me are getting too big, and those size 10's, well they are still hanging in the cupboard and will continue to for a looooong time I think! So I had a little wander, when suddenly I found a nice pair, on a clearance rack. Thought they would probably look crappy on, but they actually fitted perfectly. Absolute bargain there. Then I also got two long sleeve T's. I live in jeans and long sleeve T's. Stopped and did the fruit/veggie shopping on the way home, then spend about 2 hours on the phone to Jane! Two hours! Haven't done that since I was a school girl! :)

Got the proofs out for the first of Saturdays sittings today. Hopefully I'll have the second lot out by Friday, just in time for Saturdays shoot, and time to start all over again. I need to clean out this study. Those of you who have seen it know it's not a pretty site, and if I am going to run a business out of here it needs a good overhaul/organise. Still a temporary one, we will probably do the fit out in here during the next financial year. I just need the clutter cleaned out, have plans to keep scrapping stuff on one side, and photog stuff on the other.

Need to go get the washing off the line as it is supposed to rain tomorrow, and pack the boys stuff/my work stuff for tomorrow. And get Sofi's stuff off to her.


Lyn Dwyer said...

hey Katie............I'm heading down to Frankston on JULY 20th to do a FISKARS demonstration for the re-opening of the LINCRAFT store from 12 noon until 4pm.
Sounds like you got yourself and the boys some bargains today!

Nicole Rayner said...

Hi Katie, Thanks fo popping on my blog and saying hi, it was lovely to hear from you... I just checked out all you photos and I must say they are unbelievable, amazing, stunning, perfect. You are an amazing photographer and your talent is unbelievable.

Sarah said...

YOU bargain hunter. I have to POP into patch tommorrwow and get some Jeans for Harry as well.

I hope work is OK today


Carolyne Hallum said...

i'm so glad sofi is having the first party for you k.....can't wait to see the results. you are one busy mumma - we must catch up soon. hugs.

Sofi p said...

Katie?! Who may it be, who's preggie? I know it's not me!

I'm so looking forward to having the photo party, I just hope Lee behaves infont of the camera!