Monday, June 19, 2006


It's been a busy few days, with two photo shoots on the weekend, and two sick boys too. I now have lots of editing to do, but it is comming along well so far. I've had lots of interest in the portrait parties and have booked my first one... without a practice one first! The lovely Sofi has put her hand up to be the guinea-pig ;) It will take me a few parties to see how much work/time they require. Not sure if I'll be able to get through all the editing in one week, or if I will need longer. Sofi doesn't seem to mind being the first, so THANKS SOFI :) Can't wait to get started on it all now.

Time can be so hard to find when you are looking after a young family, even more so when they are sick, and trying to balance that with work and programs/activities that the kids have to do, and other appointments that have to be met. I've really been working on finding a balance that keeps everyone (me included) happy. Yesterday Ethan cried all day long. The only time he didn't cry was when he was being pushed in the pram. I popped in in the emmjie and we walked the street while he snoozed (its the best pram for sleeping in! Liam slept in it the whole time we were building this house, right up till he was 2.5!) So Ethy and I walked, and walked. After returning home and attempting to feed him anything - which he only pushed away, threw across the room or shook his head at and cryed some more, I popped him in the stroller, grabbed my caramel latte (can you say YUM!) and walked circles and figure 8's of the deck while sipping on my coffee... Yes, one deck is finished! All but the stainless wire. Anyway, back to the time issue. It was just impossible to get out of the house and do my grocery shopping, so I logged on to the net and did my first online grocery shop. Took me an hour, which isn't that bad, it usually takes me two hours to go shopping. Tonight when I got in from work, my groceries were sitting in the kitchen. They had just arrived. Next time I shop I can just bring up the last order and remove/add anything to that list, so it should be fast. It was brilliant, cheaper, and the food is great quality. No bruises or damage anywhere. The meat is beautiful and lean. I will definatly be doing my shopping this way from now on! Can't recommend it enough. And you don't even need to go to the bank, or have a credit card; they bring their little eftpos machine with them. Easiest shop I've ever done. Definatly great for a mum with little spare time :)

'my girls' (desp houswives) are on tonight! Have a few things to catch up on and plan, and a mountain of washing to fold/iron.


Sofi p said...

Thank you Katie! I'm really looking forward to it. Hope the boys are feeling better soon.


Sarah said...

I hope you boys are feeling better soon. I know life is just one big juggling act. The washing and house work can wait it is not going to go anywhere. Just try and have some YOU time and relax a little bit tommorrow if you can.
The joys of motherhood hey!!!!


jane said...

hi Katie!
I honestly dont know how you do everything- although you seem to manage with less sleep than I can.LOL
cant wait to hear how your party goes, good luck- I
am sure it will all go really well- lucky Sofi
i DO like this idea of internet shopping- definately the way of the future
hope the boys are feeling better- is Ethan teething- Luke had a bad night last night- we were up for about 1 1/2 hrs at 3am aarrgh!
see ya

kathie said...

I'm sorry to 'fess to it, but I read your post with a feeling of relief. Yay, someone else is having the kinda week I'm having. I'm sick, J's teething (6 teeth now!) and has decided now that he's 7 months that he doesn't need to sleep anymore :0. He will only sleep on me, or in the pram walking around the block. Given that he has three naps during the day still, it's been a really tough week. Especially when he was up between 1.30am and 5am the other morning.
Katie, let's hope that both our weeks are better this week.

Mardi said...

Hi Katie...I had just read Kathie's Blog and was feeling so sorry for her and guilty with myself for ever having a whinge about lack of time after reading yours....I must never, ever, complain about teenagers least they sleep..and if they dont...thats their problem.

I hope your boys are feeling much better today.....oh ...and...

I love the idea of online shopping...although I dont think it would be available in the country worse luck...I hate shopping almost as much as cooking....both neccessary evils unfortunatly.

Mardi x (sorry its an essay today...LOL)