Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My boy... the little one :)

Ethan is in to EVERYTHING! at the moment. I mean everything, if it doesn't have a lock on it its his, or for him to play in/with. Favourite items at the moment... the computer mouse! Every time I come in to sit at the computer I have to get back up and hunt all around the house for the mouse. So far I've found it in Liam's room, on the mat in the enterance hall, and in the ensuite. I have to remember to put it right out of his reach. I do shut the study door, but Liam just comes and opens it.

His next favourite activity is to get everything out of the bathroom cupboards, or anywhere around the bathroom really and throw it into the bath. I've found bottles of bubble bath, shampoo, toys, clothes even a swiffer mop thing!

If he's not in there he's pulling all the pans out of the pot draws in the kitchen. Tonight he went one step further. After emptying the entire draw, he hopped in there and sat down, looking rather pleased with himself.

And, now, in the middle of writing my blog Liam has just come in telling me I have to move Ethan... what now you ask? He's cleaning the toilet of course! Lovely ;)

I can feel a scrap page comming on! I need to start planning some pages to take away to the Scrapanalia retreat. I'm hoping for some good weather tomorrow. I'd like to take the boys to the Briars for some photos, and maybe also the boardwalk at Mt Martha too. Depends on what the creek is doing though, and Ethan will be strapped in the pram while I take photos of Liam there. There is NO WAY I'm letting him out near the water!

My other little issue tonight, which I know other mums of boys will know about all too well! I wanted to get Ethan some nice warm jammies. I knew Big W used to sell some, the nice thick fleecy ones, that are tops/bottoms with grippy feet, and the bottoms button to the tops so they don't fall down/off. So I found the little jammies section, found the exact ones I was after, only to be faced with an entire wall of pink and purple, mint/pink, yellow/pink... you get the idea. So I find an assistant and ask if they have these in boy colours? What is her reply?

"No, we don't have any left. I never order many boy ones, always lots of girls. The boys ones sell out straight away"

Der! Why not order more boy ones then?? Boys clothes have come a long way since Liam was born. There are gorgeous trendy boys clothes out there, but you really do have to be fast. Even Pumpkin Patch too. Yesterday their sales racks for example. Three racks of girls clothes on sale. Half of one rack with boys clothes, from size 0 - 14 or something! I so wish shops would realise that mums of boys actually buy clothes for their children too, and we really would like to have a little choice! Yes our boys get dirty, yes they do wreck their clothes at times, but YES, we would still like to dress them nice/trendy. (And I bet a LOT of little girls get dirty and wreck their clothes too!) Don't even get me started on shoes!!

Actually, one the subject of shoes, I have had very similar experiences. I have a big foot! I am a size 10... but I am tall too, so please don't be horrified LOL! Just try shopping for a size 10 pair of shoes. Most shops get 1-2 pairs of size 10's in, and what are the first size they sell out of? You guessed right. So, I ask, whey not get more than 1-2 pairs in?

I won't start about being left handed :D

So this post ended up more about me than "My boy... the little one :)" didn't it.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Nothing wrong with being left handed means you're clever....well that's an old wives tale....but I believe it!LOL!
....GOTTA LOVE THAT Ethan of yours......just remember KAtie....he is just learning......maybe learning how far he can go by the sounds of if.LOL!...gotta love him though....sounds like a real Dennis the Menace....a bit like my Tim really.....(who now is 23)...he was always into everything...still is really...lots of name it and he's done it.How old is Ethan again?...oh my...he may go one better than Tim by the sounds of it.Enjoy the ride........"BOYS" who'd have 'em?

Mardi said...

Yep....dont get me atarted on boys!!! They can test your patience to the limits.....then give you a look that melts your heart. I was just complaining tonight that Mitchell my 15yo. needs an off switch...he doesnt know when to stop...a simple hug goodnight turns into an emormous 'love tackle' and ends in tears...usually me...LOL
Enjoy them.
Mardi x

Peta said...

omgosh I hope you got a photo of him sitting in that draw Kate!!! :)

I hear you about the size 10's - me too! :) and is it just me or have the size tens lately gotten smaller? I swear when I went shopping for shoes last none of the size tens would fit they where all to small... and I don't think my feet have grown or anything! LOL

kathie said...

Don't get me started about boys products. Even in scrapbooking...
Love the mental picture I get of Ethan in the cupboard. And work on those toilet cleaning skills, don't discourage him. Not many boys have them ;)

Sofi p said...

I can just imagine a little 1 1/2 year old cleaning the toilet! Liam sounds like such a good big brother, looking out for Ethan.

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Ohhh Ethan sounds like he is having the time of his life being into everything, ahhh I rememebr those days with my daughter. Come to think if it even now at age 6 she still loves to make a mess everywhere and get into

Enjoy these times, they grow up soooo fast. Have a great day and good luck finding some boys pj's too.