Thursday, June 22, 2006

Snaps of Thursday (and Wed night)

Here is the little munchkin sitting in the pot drawer! Not the best photo. I still had the hotshoe attachment on my camera, so I couldn't use the flash, and had not time to take it off. It's more about the memory than the photo anyway.

Same goes for this next one. Reading stories in our pj's, snuggling on my bed. Good way to spend a cold Thursday morning.

We did excape the house for a while this afternoon. The sun was shining, so we headed to the Briars. The photo of Liam is my fave from
the afternoon. He was carrying the teddy around, then put him down while he went to climb a tree. I moved around to be on this angle and focused on the teddy. Love the line of trees in the background, and Liam all blurry, but teddy in focus in the front corner. Made my own sloppy border brush for PS. Think I'll take this one to scrap at the retreat.

Also good friends of ours have come over for dinner tonight. Ethan was jumping around on the couch like a maniac all over Bek and I said "he'll put you off having a baby for another 10 years" "Well", she said... "too late!" Ahhhh! She's preggers too! Yippee! I'm so happy for them. Their wedding was actually the first I ever photographed.


Sarah said...

How cute is he in that cupboard. I am a bit slack and have just read your previous post about the size 10 shoe. I am exactly the same.. Drives me mad really......

You all looked so nice snuggled up in bed together.

OHHH and who is preggers....... Dont keep us in suspence..LOL

kathie said...

LOL at Ethan in the drawer!
I love the bottom photo with the teddy. You have a gift for taking beautiful photos, Katie!

Lyn Dwyer said...

What a good mum you are reading to your boys! Keep it up Katie 'cause it will make them better readers for it believe me.

How cute is that Ethan of yours? Make sure this one goes on his 21st pin up board.LOL!

Beck said...

awww Ethan is so adorable Katie. What a great photo - and memory keepsake :)

Mardi said...

How cute is that (the photo of Ethan in the drawer)....reminds me of some photos of my Brent...might even have to share one or two of them with everyone on my blog....he will be thrilled Im sure.

Such a gorgeous photo of the teddy and the boys in the it.

Mardi x

Donna said...

Your work just gets better and better. I especially love this bottom photo...has kind of a fine art look to it. Would definately be a nice wall photo.

I also ADORE the pic of Ethan in the drawer. What a well-captured moment that is. You'll cherish it in years to come, for sure!!