Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm finding the way my bookings come in to be quite amusing. (OK, so I'm not hard to please LOL) They all seem to come in in a flood. Like I can book out an entire month in a day. This morning I was thinking to myself that I haven't taken a booking for probably over a week. Within the next half hour I had two new bookings. I had always said when I could consistantly have a booking every week I'd leave work. I have now started booking 2 a week, and am booked up to August! All I can say on that matter is: "PRAISE GOD!" :)

A little bit of info for anyone interested in the portrait parties. So far they will run like this (and this may change as I figure out what is working and what needs changing):
* you invite your friends over (minimum of 4 including you) I'll explain in more detail the timing and structure if you email me.
*I bring my lights, backdrops, some props etc to you.
*Everyone gets a mini session (about 20 minutes)
*I get the proofs organised and back to the host for distribution to the guests
*Host collects orders and gets a host gift & commissions.

Email me if you want more info. If you go to the Photography gallery there is a link to email me in there.

Have Aidan here with us again today. Thinking we might go McDonalds this afternoon... UNDERCOVER PLAY AREA!


jane said...

when i was painting plates- the phone wouldnt ring for a week, and then i would get 5 orders in one day!!weird huh!
youre doing so well- see no worries about leaving your 'old' work, when youve got such great ideas for your 'new' one!

Sofi p said...

Katie, I love the photos you've taken especially the one of Ethan in the drawer! He's got the cutest grin on his face!

You all look ver cosy and walm on the bed. I can see all three pics being scrapped. I love them all.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Hey katie,
had a good look at your photography gallery and it looks great. So glad you are achieveing your dream - it's wonderful and your parties sound like a great idea. Now, just need you to come to Queensland for some.