Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sweetest thing

You girls are wonderful. It made me smile all day long to see all these messages popping into my inbox. I love that I have the support and friendship of so many of you, when really I have only me a handful of you IRL. Means a lot anyway, so thanks.

Have to say, my mum is so excited to hear that I will leave work. She thinks I have far too much on my plate and that the photography business is the way to go. Guess I'm just chicken to make that move. I started my first job when I was 15, after school right through until I started at my current job. And even then I worked full time at my current job, and did night shifts at the first job for a few months. Appart from 2 x six month stints of maternity leave, I have never been unemployed since then. Although I won't be 'unemployed' I'll be 'self employed'. Just seems too much like fun to call it work. I've wanted to leave for a long time (as you know) I guess I was waiting on Brett to be good with it. He would always be OK with it, but just likes financial security etc and the $ do help when we are trying to finish off this house. But when he knows it's upsetting me, he knows that's not on! By the end of the year I'll have been there over 11 YEARS! That's time to move on!!

Anyway, finally blogger played nice and let me upload this layout. The stitching is supposed to look like flower stems... does it? Should think about that one next time before stitching. You know I don't stress about layouts though.

Right, must keep moving. Have a stack of paperwork and layouts to get off to SM and SC. Need to organise to get my business cards printed tomorrow, and also need to organise the sample photos for the auction at kinder tomorrow night! So my accounts for the last month (where exactly did that go?) Plan some more of the Scrapanalia retreat stuff, plan for the shoot I have on Friday morning (15 mth girl), finalise Liams 'other' school enrollment and find his bathers and wash them before morning! That's what I can think off so far. It's going to be a late one again.


kathie said...

Yay! Life's too short to hate work. I should know. I did it for so long too. And it was the best feeling to hand in that resignation letter. Let me tell you. Good on you for seeing the year out. Sometimes it helps when you just know that it's for a limited time.

Anonymous said...

hi katie. glad to hear your family supported your decision to leave work to concentrate on your photography business. love your business card btw:)


jane said...

gorgeous LO- the stitched stems are the first thing i noticed- and Ethan looking super cute too of course!
dont worry about leaving your job- six months down the track, and you will wonder why you didnt do it earlier!

Mardi said...

Good on you Katie....leaving work when you are so unhappy will be a huge load off your mind...go for it! Pursue your dream....and be happy.
I love this latest cute.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

gorgeous layout katie - definately looks like flower stems to me.

sorry to hear how bad work has been - sounds like you'll be moving on to bigger and better things before you know it.

Sarah said...

Just adore your layout Katie. Very cute!!!!!

Now on your job at least you know there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will see the end soon...... Good Luck with your Photography you Rock!!!!