Thursday, June 08, 2006


Thanks again for your lovely wishes and thoughts. Jane you are so right. I know I will wonder why I didn't do it months ago once I have finally taken the plunge.

My friend Bethany dropped in a few weeks ago while I was trying to get the lights working. Perfect timing as she is studying photography at uni. At least she was able to confirm for me that I wasn't doing anything wrong, and the lead was faulty ;) Anyway, bit off topic there, but she was holding Ethan while we were chatting in the kitchen and he looked so cute, so had to snap a pic. The thing he is holding at the bottom of the photo is Beths necklace. This is the last layout that I did on the weekend.

Today has been insanly busy! This is the first time I have sat down, and it's only for a little breather before I go clean up. I usually do photoshoots on Saturday mornings, but the girl I have next couldn't do Saturday, so we are doing Friday... early! I have to get Liam to preschool, then my neighbour is going to watch Ethan for me while I do the photos. Sooo, my usual Friday morning clean, has just become a Thursday night clean.

So, today... we were up early. Organised the paperwork and parcels I had to post today. Took Liam to swimming. He took his goggles today, and Marisa said to keep bringing them as he swam so well.... oh and he had his first swim in the big pool! So excited!! They are starting the trasition, so at the end of his lesson they have a few minutes in the big pool. He jumped in and swam to Marisa, then she helped him turn around and he swam back to the edge. He did have 'muscles' on (floaties), but we were all very impressed. From swimming we headed to Main Street and ordered picked up my business cards, and grabbed a few groceries. Then over to Bentons Square to get Liam's hair cut (he has kindy photos tomorrow), then home for a quick lunch and repack. Dropped Liam at kinder, took Ethan back to Mornington and posted my parcels, looked around for some more photo props (I have a little something in the planning, I'll share when its here and completed). Back home to put together my photo display for the kinder fundraiser, which I thought was tonight, but is actually not until the 8th JULY! (at least it's done). Then back to kinder to pick up Liam, then home! Wanted to fall asleep, but pushed on and got boys fed, bathed and into bed early so I could get on with the cleaning etc now. So all up today I think I strapped Ethan in and out of his carseat SIXTEEN TIMES! And set the pram up/down EIGHT TIMES! I think it's time to drag out the stroller. No wonder my pelvis is still playing up.

Anyone want to send a cleaning fairy my way?

Oh, and I've just send Brett out for some Club Peppermint chocolate! (mmm maybe I'll just buy another pair of jeans LOL) Jane I think you have converted me!


Sarah said...

Another great layout Miss Katie. Please slip some Mojo this way ..LOL...

Have fun cleaning (NOT) i need a fairy to visit as well LOL...

Nic Wood said...

wow Im exhausted just reading about your day.

I totally agree with what everyone said about your job too - life is far to short, if you have the opportunity to leave, especially to pursue your dream, then go for it. You sound so organised and your a fantastic photographer, Im sure your business would be a success.
Nic xxx

Carolyne Hallum said...

keep up the energy level like that and you will definitely be in those jeans soon girl. you've converted me onto that chocolate - yummo.

Megan said...

Love that chocolate too. And I agree with Nic - i am stuffed just reading that post. Hope the photo shoot goes well tomorrow.

jane said...

hmmm, might have to take out some shares in that chocolate - and if i see the cleaning fairy, i will be grabbing her!!! (and she would be here for some time.......)
love the LO- Ethan is really growing up!
ps might be going to the market on Sunday- which gave me an idea- if you ever want to set up a stall there every now and then, i have a market tent, and happy to help out for a morning- could be a different way to advertise locally!?!

Mardi said...

Katie..I lost weight just listening to your day...(at least I wish)...and if anyone finds the cleaning fairy..could we please set up a roster...I would love a visit from her!!!
Have a great weekend...oh, and love the last of the layouts...such a cute photo.