Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It can only get better!

Another hell day at work today, with thanks to a little t**d. You know who I mean! Get into work to find a very ubrupt note on my desk all about the work I hadn't got completed. Stuff that really didn't matter and could be finished off today while I was in; everything on his list was totally under control. It's been the end of the month, and that is a busy time for me. Team that with the fact that the little suck got me to spend an entire morning making up a brochure for him, for another little venture he has going, sort of through work. Yep it might have been only a morning, but when I only work two days a week, it's a quarter of my working week. The rest of the stuff on his sheet, except for one thing which was a little mistake on my part, and I have no problem admitting it, was all rubbish. He'd basically picked out every job I am responsible for and written down that I hadn't done it when I had! Then gave the note to "daddy" and made him confront me with it while he went out. Boss was fine and said not to worry about it too much, that Son was haggling him, so he was just passing it on (Boss is actually really nice, pitty for him his son is a turd!) After a while Boss came back into my office and commented that it was freezing and didn't I have the heater on. "Aren't you cold?" Had to giggle as I told him, no I'm not cold, my blood is running plenty hot this morning! He told me not to worry too much about Son, that he is a bugger (different word used) and he'd put up with him for 30 years, I only had for the past 5... well at least he knows. I'm sick to death of it though, and called Brett with the big, I can't do this anymore thing, and we've decided that the end is in sight. I'll see the year out here, but then leave. It's too much crap. I have no desire to be here, and why would I when I put up with that crap each and every day. Boss might be stuck with him, but I don't need to be. So, counting down the sleeps till I can get on with my life the way I want it... little poorer, but we'll manage. Happiness is worth more than $.

I will be back with the next layout later. Blogger wouldn't play last night. Let me upload some pics to the photo gallery, then wouldn't let me upload a layout here.

OK, back to work!


Jess said...

So glad you've made the decision to leave Katie. It sounds like a horrible environment to work in, and I have no doubt that your photography will boom even further once you start to really market yourself. Look after yourself.


jane said...

Miss Katie, you dont seem to be having a good week............
Im glad too, that youre going to give up this job- NO job is worth the stress and unhappiness it is causing you! this decision will make you feel much better, and the next 6 months will fly!!
onwards, and upwards for you!
take it easy!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Yeh s.......o need to leave that "crap t.....d" Katie! Why put up with that SH.....T when you have a choice!
You are going great guns with your Photography girl and all your published layouts.............who needs a t............d like that in their life? YOU DON'T!

Take care......


Megan said...

Totally sucky that this man has made it his mission in life to make your life crappy. If he didn't sound like a complete wank (scuse the french!!) then I'd almost feel sorry for him. Sounds to me that the stick in his backside is getting awfully uncomfortable and that's why he is taking it out on you.
So glad you are leaving. As you said, money ain't everything, but you sanity is!

Carolyne Hallum said...

katie you will have NO trouble getting work anywhere, seriously - you don't need to put up with that crap girl. good for you - i know there are great things awaiting you.

Sofi p said...

Good to hear that you have made the right decision Katie. You don't deserve to be treated that way. Yep, with all the LO's being accepted and your photography, you will soon be doing what you love the most, full time.

Hugs to you

Jess said...

Megan - you have such a way with words! :0)

Julie LOVE said...

Sounds like you have made the right decision to me!! something else will come along I am sure :0)


Lyn Dwyer said...

I gotta agree with Jess...."stick up the backside" sure do have a way with words Megan.