Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Did you know...

CROCS NOW MAKE GUMBOOTS! Now ya'll know I had the pink crocs looooong before Heidi ;) and the white ones loooooong before them, so now I have red boots. OK Brett hated them too when he first saw them, but now he thinks they are funky, he wants them too, but they don't make them big enough. So these little (or not so little in my case) red numbers are mine. Liam's are on the way, either green or yellow. Tell me how funky a family on the beach would look all in different colours, think along the lines of Tara Whitney style photography. Jeans rolled up and all those funky coloured boots. Ohhhhh someone come push my camera button for me! My neighbour sells these in her childrens wears shop "coloured girl" in Dromana. Her girls came over in them tonight, hot (Heidi) pink, and red, then she also came over in the green, and gave me the red... I do have to pay for them, but only cost :) Gotta love that!

So next item on the agenda... can someone tell me what's wrong with this pic? I'll give you a clue, before leaving the room my words were, "honey, can you help him eat his dinner." Welcome to the REAL Toland household.

Had speech this morning and Liam is again dong so well. All week while we have been practicing I couldn't get him to say any (nice) f words with out putting a d in there. IE fish comes out fffff-dish, so we go right back to breaking up the word: F-ish. As soon as we arrived at speech, Jenni had his cards hidden again and he had to find them and tell her what was on them. He told her almost perfectly. He is finding F a lot harder than k was, but Jenni says he's going really well, and, well, she's the one that knows :)

What else, Kinder this afternoon. I have almost finished my SM project. Put it all together, just have to do the 'outside' bit tonight and get it in the post. Need to get those business cards ordered. Kinder has a trivia/auction night fundraiser this week and I've donated a family portrait sitting. 1 of 8x10 and 3 of 5x7. Happy to help out the kinder, and it should be good advertising too.

I'll scan the next layout in a moment and upload it too. Stay tuned ;)

*** oh, and Leanne, if you read this, the answer to your question is under your comment a few posts back ***


Carolyne Hallum said...

your sm project will look fab once finished - you've done a beautiful job. love that photo too - don't you just love hubbies that take notice. funky boots girl - i am sure you will not be missed out there in the public. hugs - miss you already.

Nic Wood said...

they are just the coolest boots, and gotta agree it would make a funky photo!!! Your business card is great, that photo is just adorable, I can see why its a favorite.
NIc xxx

Leanne Triggs said...

Thanks so much Kate. Wish I lived closer for a photoshoot - just love your work!!

Jess said...

I saw the kids boots in a shop near here the other day, and immediately thought of you and how cool Liam would look in them. I love your family boots on the beach idea!


Megan said...

Love that photo. What a classic. Maybe Ethan thought you were asking him to help feed Brett!
And those boots. So cute! Am going to have to jump on that Ebay site Brett found and get some crocs of my own!

Mardi said...

Ive missed so much Katie....LOL..so here goes..
1. These are just the funkiest boots Ive ever seen!
2.Your business card looks first class..love it
3.Love the meal time photo..brings back memories...
4. How dare any one give you a hard time....thats just so unfair...you are always such a sweetie.
Have a great day....Mardi