Friday, June 02, 2006

Late happy birthday, and a get well wish :)

Just a quick entry as I am waiting for Zoe to come and pick me up. We are off to Kerries for some party plan stuff... can't remember which one she said now, it was either body shop, or Intimo? Soon find out anyway. Just wanted to record two things before I forget.

1. Found out yesterday that Liam got into the Leap program! Yay!! He was number 11 out of 15. Another of the little boys from his kinder just missed out by one. He's the first on the waiting list.

2. Had another 4 layouts accepted by SC today. Ontop of the one the other day, that's FIVE layouts in one week! Also they want me to do a little 'thing' too. Not sure if I am allowed to say what, so had better not. I'll whisper it to those I catch up with privately ;) Oh, and also got an email that they are using one of my layouts on their display in Brisbane. I'll have to take their word on that one. Leanne, you are the only one I know up there. You could always go in there and tell them you are me and show them your layouts LOL (I'm not fat headed, it's a bit of a joke between Leanne and I!) Anyway I'm sure my little winning streak is sure to come to an end soon.

Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDAN! for yesterday. Aidan is my nephew (my sisters son) and Liam's BESTEST friend ever! He turned four yesterday. We have his party on Sunday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY. HOPE YOU HAD A BRILLIANT DAY. I'LL COVER YOU WITH SMOOCHES ON SUNDAY xxxxxxxxxxxxx- love you always special boy (Sammy, you might have to read that to him ;)

And: GET WELL SOON ANGUS! Poor Angus (Jess' little boy) is not a well little chicken at all! Not sure how much Jess would want me to say, so pop into her blog in the next few days as I am sure she will update it when he's a bit better and she has a minute to do so. But Jess, Paul and Ethan, we are thinking of you and Angus and keeping you all in our prayers for a quick recovery.
Hugs for you all xxx

BIG scrapping day planned for tomorrow! Should have lots of layouts to share in the next few days.


Megan said...

Woo Hoo for Liam getting into the Leap program. So good to hear.
And 5 LOs - you are on fire. May have to visit you and see if that submitting thing will rub off on me.

Nic Wood said...

Wow your on a roll! Congrats on Liam getting into the leap programee as well.
Nic xxx

Sarah said...

Yipppeee Liam is in the leap Program. Fantastic!!! i am sure he will develop in leaps and bounds next year Katie... Well done on all of your acceptances. your work in unique and just fantastic so well done.Yippeee... Most of all have a wonderful day today. I hope you gets heaps done and i am sure the kettle will boil heaps today LOL...... eat some choccie for me OK.....


kathie said...

Wow, five layouts in a week! You're on fire girl. Is this another one of your use your stash pages? They were all so super, I'm not surprised they're being snapped up. And a huge congrats on being on display at the convention. Woohoo. I'm itching to know what the "little thing" is, lol. And last, but definitely not least, yay for Liam.

Mardi said...

Wow Katie....5 layouts...Im totally NOT surprised..your work is just gorgeous and I can pick a KatieT layout a mile off...always of exceptional standard.

Congratulations on Liam getting into the Leap program...and a 'a little thing'

Have a super weekend...hope you achieve lots of layouts..

Sofi p said...

So happy for you guys Katie, that Liam got accepted into the Leap program.
Five LO's!!! Congrats! I always look forward to your work Katie.

Anonymous said...

guess what katie ???

my "shabby chic simple leanne style" layout of Joshua got picked by SC on friday - must have been the fantastic tearing that i did on it or maybe was it that i signed my email "k.t." - hehe.
also one of my real simple style layouts got picked up by SM last week, so things are looking up.

oh, and i will be popping into brisbane show for a look so i'll check out your layout - don't think they'll fall for the "i'm katie t." senario.

oh well, Leanne S
Leanne S.

Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE....that's great that Liam got accepted in the LEAP program. I'm sure he'll love it.

CONGRATS on all the mag. subs!