Sunday, June 04, 2006

Busy weekend

Wow, this weekend has just gone past in a blur! Friday I dropped Liam at kinder and started my usual Friday morning clean. Half way through one of the girls in my mum's group called and said "We have mums group at your house today don't we". Shows how fast the weeks go, I thought it was next week! Never mind, planned on getting the front half of the house clean, then putting the kiddie gate up and keeping all the kids in the back part. I did manage to get the whole lot done though, and the kids didn't make that much mess really, they all helped pack up before they left. Friday night was the party plan mission! Kerrie had Tupperware, body shop, imtimo and jewellery.

Saturday had a megga scrap day with a couple of girlfriends. We scrapped for about 12 hours, ate enough chocolate to put us into diabetic comas (well I did anyway) chatted and laughed the whole time. It's amazing how fast the time goes when you are having such a good time. Liam had gone to stay at Brett's parents the night before, and he stayed there all day too, but Brett was supposed to look after Ethan so I could scrap, but he kept working on the deck, so it was a big juggle all day, until I finally got him into bed. Usually I get a good hour or two nap out of him, buy murphy's law, only got about 20 mins! He was OK, but it was nice when it was finally time to put him into bed and I could scrap freely. I got four layouts done, but thought seeing as my weeks are so busy, I would upload one each day, instead of all four at once. Tease I know, but at least it might make my posts a little more interesting than my day to day waffle :)

This morning we had Aidan's party. Brett didn't come as he was working on the deck still. We started off at the play centre in Langwarrin. I've never been there, but mum and dad take Liam and Aidan all the time, so I had to get Liam to give the directions! I had a rough idea where it was, but gee he did make me giggle.
M: Liam is this where I turn.
L: Um, no.
M: Sure, not here.
L: Um, no.
M: (turn indicator off and start to speed up through intersection)
L: Actually YES!
M: (hit brakes and turn - lucky I was the only one on the road at the time) Crazy woman driver ;) I probably sound like a maniac driver, but it wasn't bad, I was going slow really. Once we parked, set up the pram, fixed Ethan's REALLY bad haircut with a bit of mousse Liam led the way and we found it. The boys had a ball. Ethan was in his element. 2 hours later and full to their eyeballs with sugar, we headed back to Sam's for a family lunch (and more sugar!) Again they had a ball, playing in Aidan's new cubby (his b'day pressie from Sam and David) and generally just having fun. As the afternoon wore on the tears started, as they so often do after the sugar rush dies down, and the exhaustion hits. We headed home. I was sure they would sleep in the car, but no. Ethan did, but woke 15 minutes later as we arrived home, just long enough of a nap to think he didn't need anymore sleep (HUH!) I'm sure if I'd tipped them upside down, sugar would have poured out of their ears! Got inside, dying for a cuppa. Plummer was here working on deck and had turned water off. Had to take the kettle across the road to fill it up! Not much more to say for the day really. Just the same old stuff. Waffling now really.

Leave you with one of the layouts I did yesterday. Off to bed! Night!!


Rach Axton said...

Hey Katie, glad you had a great weekend and a fun time on Saturday!!! Love that layout and love all your photography..

Mardi said...

I couldnt wait to check in this morning...I knew you had been scrapping and wanted to get my Katie fix...LOL
Love it as usual.....sounds like you and the boys had a really lovely weekend...sugar and friends...doesnt get much better really.
Have a great week.

Sofi p said...

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend Katie. And the boys sound like they really enjoyed themselves as well.

I love the layout, and look forward to seeing the rest of them too.