Monday, June 05, 2006

first up... happy birthday miss Jane! Hope you had a fabulous day! xoxo

In a totally unrelated matter:
I would like to think I am a helpful person. I try to be. I often get emails asking advice etc and am happy to share any info I may have. It's just NOT NICE when someone bags that! If you don't like the way I do it, do it diffently... and don't ask me. Now play nice, or don't play at all!
Vent over, on with happier times. Will be back with pretty stuff soon.


Leanne Triggs said...

Hi Katie, have been lurking for some time and love your work. Would you be prepared to share what the little letters are in your latest LO. I have noticed you use them on other LOs. TIA.............Leanne

Beck said...

Hey Katie, you are probably one of the most helpful people I have met on the net! I am a huge fan of your work, both your scrapping and your photography. Some people just have no life whatsoever so just ignore them and keep doing what you are doing :)

Katie Toland said...

Hi Leanne, oooo thanks for comming out of lurkdom :) I couldn't link to your email so have to reply here, and hope you come back and have a look. The little letter tiles, are something I printed up last year. I don't have the file anymore, and I don't even have Publisher on this computer, so I can't just send you the file. They are really easy to make though. If you have publisher make a table the entire size of your page and put one letter in each cell of the table. Choose the font you want, centre align the font then choose (i think) format>align vertically> centre. You can do that bit on any program, but if you want to get the text in the background I only know how to do it in Publisher. Go to View> Background then put a text box to cover the entire page, fill it with text. I used Carpenter downloaded from and just typed the alphabet a few times then copy/pasted it to fill the whole box. Switch back to the foreground, make your table lines black/grey or something so you can see them, which helps when you cut out the squares. Print it out on cream cardstock. When I use them I rub a bit of brown ink over the edges and mount them on foam tape for dimension.

Did I leave anything out? Let me know if this made NO sense :)


Katie Toland said...

Thanks Beck! You are a gem. Gorgeous profile pic BTW

Jess said...

I'm so sorry someone didn't play nice. You are such a wonderful person, you don't deserve negativity aimed your way.


Sarah said...

OMG Katie,
That is just awful!!!!!
You are ever so helpful and very obliging (SP). Chin up chicky!!!!
We all loves ya!!!!!

Sofi p said...

Katie, I can't believe someone could be negative towards you. I agree with the above comments, some people have no life what so ever.

Sending out hugs to you