Monday, June 05, 2006

Take a seat

Ethan thinks this little musical birdbath toy makes the perfect seat. It's so cute to see him waddle up to it, turn around and try and reverse into position to sit on it. Cracks me up. He'll sit on it and watch TV, in this pic he's just day dreaming, looking out the window.

Desp. Housewives tonight. I have to finish of the SM challenge I have, and get it in the post to them. I've never taken this long on a project before, but it is a pretty big project. Then I have to work on my photog class for the Scrapanalia retreat. It's getting close! I have a pair of jeans in my wardrobe, a pair of jeans I love. I bought them almost two years ago... at the same time I bought a pregnancy test. I obviously didn't think the test would be positive, after about 8,000 negative tests I thought I was safe to buy the jeans. Turns out I was preggers with the Ethy-bug. Wore those jeans flat out for a few weeks then packed them up. I can get them on now but they are a squeeeeeeze. I decided months ago that it would be my goal to have them fitting by the retreat. After my sugar and pizza loaded weekend I've decided to be good and try and stick to that... so what are the bets. Can I get my butt (and baby belly) *comfortably* into those size 10's, or will they have to be packed up for good. I have 5kg to loose to get back to pre-Ethan/Liam weight. Don't know that 5kg can be done in less than a month, but we'll see how we go ;)


Megan said...

Hi Katie!

Have just had a lovely time reading your blog again. And your layouts as always are gorgeous. Sorry to read your previous post that someone obviously hasn't been very nice :-( Why are people like that?

Hoping all is well there and you get everything done in time for Desperate Housewives!

Megan xx

Leanne Stamatellos said...

another gorgeous layout Katie.

I'm sure you completed everything beautifully for SM - especially if DH was on. That always seems to work. Actually, even I watched it this evening but I'm ready to go and feed Joshua soon so no scrapping for tonight - just scrapping paperwork.

Ooh, what are you going to teach at the weekend retreat ? Sounds like fun. Would love to come some time.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

how dumb am I ........ all this time i've been checking in as anonymous because I had tried signing in as a BLOGGER and it kept asking me to open an account and I thought all you girls must have had your own blog sites .....duh! Could have just entered as "OTHER" and now I can choose my name to show in your comments always.
I tell you what, 2 children have drained every last bit of brain cells that I ever had. Zippo, zilch, none , all gone !

jane said...

gorgeous Lo, miss Katie. cant believe youve just dont the SM thing!!
thanks for the bday wishes, ive had a great day, will fill you in later, im pretty bushed!... and that other thing, I cant believe someone has abused your good faith-
how sad
nighty night

kathie said...

Love the new LO. What a cutie.

Sorry to hear that people have been nasty. I agree totally with you. They should just go find another corner to play in if they can't be nice.


Carolyne Hallum said...

i'm sure you will meet your goal by the retreat katie - you look great as is anyhow. love that lo and the "s" looks great-ha!!!! always fun seeing your gorgeous pages my friend. happy week to you.

Sofi p said...

What a cute LO and photo! Can't wait to see what your little project is for SM.