Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Couldn't resist another pic

One more cutie. When I upload the photos onto here, they look darker... hmmm. Anyway, they look a little better IRL. Isn't she a cutie. That shoot is all proofed up and ready to go out tomorrow. It's been such a busy few days. I still have so much I need to get done. My ribs hurt from all the coughing, and now it seems Liam might be comming down with it too. If he seems worse/same tomorrow, we'll give swimming a miss and maybe kinder too.

I've been so bad with backing up my photos. I back up customer ones, but never remember to do mine. After going digi a year and a half ago, I have always been so careful to backup my photos. When my computer died at Christmas time I wasn't all that worried as I knew I had backups of everything. But ever since the new computer arrived, just after Christmas I haven't backed up one single photo from our family snaps. Tonight I did them all! Slowly I am getting through this huge workload.

And lastly, I got another LO acceptance today from SC (another from my use my stash challenge) Not only did I clear out my junk, I get a little $ to buy more :)

Right, buggered, off to bed!


Sofi p said...

Katie, I think the photo is just so cute! Hope you feel better soon; think it's passed through cyber space, to me.

Anonymous said...

lol - funy about your 'use your scrap challenge' - I tried and managed to get a few LO's done and they got picked up by SC and SM! Thanks! Will continue to try and use up stash now ;)

Mardi said...

Gorgeous Photo....glad to hear you are backing them up...Im hot on that now, since losing all Brents photos a week or so ago..sob sob.
Good news on the layout too...

Lyn Dwyer said... must be rolling in the money now girl with all these published layouts!LOL!
Perhaps you should consider your own book...."Collections by KATIE"or "Scrapping up a storm"...

Just a thought.....


Sarah said...

OK i have an idea. I got three rejects this week so can i send some of my work in on your email address... LOL.....

Seriously really well done.
Love the pics too..

jane said...

great photo!
hope youre all feeling better today