Monday, May 01, 2006

Who wants my sewing machine?

Those of you that love my little sewing machine - they are back in Safeway. But they are better! The new ones zig-zag and have quite a few more bits. I bought another one. They are $49/$50. There was one more at Bentons Square when I got mine.

So, seeing as I now have two, who wants the other one. It doesn't zig-zag, only straight stitch. It does have a foot peddle and runs on mains power. Comes with a little carry bag. Easy to take along to crops etc. and doesn't take up a lot of room to store. Some of you have seen it. Just bear in mind it is only a $50 machine, so don't expect it to be like a $300 'real' sewing machine. Anyway, I don't need two, so it's going free.

I'll be back after Desp H/wives. Going to try a little scrapping tonight :)

Leave a comment if you want the machine. First in best dressed. (localish would be good though, I don't think it would post too well).


jane said...

ooh my hands up!- but i would like to give you something for it!love Safeway stuff- ive got that b^w tv/radio/cd player that is is the same catelogue- its in my kitchen- great when i want to catch up on the news while cooking dinner -bargain for $49 bucks!!

Sarah said...

I had no idea Safeway sold sewing machines. i already have a Singer machine. I have had it since i was 18 and never used it LOL.. Now it is my new best friend... Good luck with the scrappin.


Janine K said...

I will have to pass on your sewing machine as I bought one for $800 in an extrememly rash splurge back in december! I was sucked in by all the gorgeous stitch options!!! I already had a perfectly good Janome!! Now I have 2!!! Aaarghhhh!!! LOL!! Damn impulse buying!

Lisa W said...

Katie - Saw these machines in the catalogue today however my budget really doesnt stretch to buy one of these great machines at the moment. So if it all falls through with Jane I would love to find a new home for this one.