Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Got a little side tracked last night. After spending about 45 minutes trying to find my roll of black cotton I gave up and used grey. The machine is OK at the moment, but taking a little getting used to.

Can you tell this one was inspired by Target LOL. PP are scenic route, white letters are Chip Chatter, and red letter is Lil'davis. The photo is Liam hanging upsidedown from his friend Matty's swing.

We are out early this morning. Liam needs a haircut DESPIRATLY! He looks like a homeless child LOL. Ethan is also having his needles today. I put off the 12 month ones as he was quite sick with the cyst around his molar (the molar has just come through by the way), I didn't want to get it done when he was already feeling terrible. But then I forgot. I was going to get it done at the health centre on Friday after dropping Liam at kinder, but again... forgot! So today we are off to the Dr's to get it done. Poor bub, doesn't know what he's in for :( Think of my little munchkin. Also think of Leanne's little Joshua, he's having his 2mth needles today too :(

At some stage I also need to get some Autumn photos of the boys. I know I had some here somewhere (pre digi days), but can't find the negatives, and I think the photos are on a page at Rosebud. I'll have to round up my pages! Anyway as I can't seem to find/get any old Easter photos for the SM publication I'm going with a 'season' theme. I've got spring and summer photos, but need Autumn, and might also try for a Winter one today too, it's cold enough.

Last night after work I picked up the boys up from Brett's parents and his sister was there. She is due to have her baby in two weeks, and gee I hope it comes early! The poor thing is really struggling now. She sufferes with asthma anyway, and has had a racing heart for the last month or so. She's exhausted and puffy. She sees OB today, so we are all hoping he'll put her in early. Bub is also looking like being over 8lb, and poor Sal is tiny! ATM she's all baby. So I don't think it will be long before I have my new little neice or nephew (I know which one, but I'm not telling yet :p)


Carolyne Hallum said...

girl you are just smashing these layouts, I LOVE THIS ONE!!! life is pretty busy hey - can't wait to catch up one of these days. thinking of you always. hugs.

Sofi p said...

How did Ehtan go at the doctor's? Poor little thing. It always hurts mums more when they see their little ones get needles.

Love the LO Katie.I haven't tried a circle LO yet even though I bought a great circle cutter at the beginning of the year. What tool did you use?

lee woodside said...

Ohloving this layout!!! Love the circles.

Anonymous said...

love your target lo - very cool take on it.

Joshua went well at the doctors today - needles were OK. Funny how with the 2nd child you can be so blaze. He's 2 weeks late for his 8 week needles - kept missing the clinic dates then I arrived without panadol and was going to be out all day so had to buy another bottle from the chemist. Now he's snoozing like a darling. Hope all went well for you too.
Leanne S.

kathie said...

Love the layout (am I getting repetitive? lol!)
Ick with the needles. J should have his four month ones - should have had them at the start of April. Oops. I put it off. Then I forgot. Then cousins came around last week and their brother had the chicken pox. Why do people do that? I freaked. Decided we should wait to see if any of them got spots so we didn't overload his immune system if they were contagious. Hope it isn't too painful.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie............I've had KATIE layout withdrawals while I've been away.LOL!Love what you have been doing girl!AND...THE CIRCLES ARE GREAT!


Donna said...

This layout is a new favourite for me....I LOVE it! The photography, the colours, everything. Too beautiful :)