Tuesday, May 02, 2006

layout and immunisations

We rushed off early and got Liam's hair cut. DH doesn't like it, he never likes it. He's like Liam to have long hair. I don't mind long hair, as long as it's cool looking, not dreg looking IYKWIM. Tara's kids, they have long hair, and it looks good. Last time Liam had long hair he was constantly called a girl. Didn't matter that I had him dressed in trendy little BOY clothes. Anyway, he now looks like a little boy.

Only found a little patch sparsley littered with Autumn leaves. I think in the next few weeks we'll have more luck. Decided to go to the park instead. I was pushing Liam on the swing when he came out with "swing me really high, swing me right up to Jesus". I knew I had to do a layout on it before it slipped my mind. Everything that is huge, is 'right up to Jesus'. The tower of blocks he is building - that'll go right up to Jesus, so will the 'big park' near Nanny's house, that's as big as right up to Jesus. Absolutly cracks me up. So here is the layout. Mostly scraps.

Poor little Ethy had his injections. He was fine for the first one, dropped his lip for the second, and SCREAMED for the third. Two minutes later he was walking around the doctors office and being cheeky though. He seemed fine for the rest of the day, until about 5.30. Just as I had dinner ready he cracked it. His legs were obviously hurting him, and he was getting a bit of a temp. He wouldn't eat anything, so I just sneeked some panadol in his bottle and put him to bed. He's been sound asleep ever since.

Brett has had another late night, just got in from working the Cbus job. He was happy to see the deck is a bit bigger than it was this morning, Scotty has been here today working on it.

So that's my day. Night.


Jess said...

Liam is such a gorgeous little boy - inside and out! What a beautiful thing to say. Hope Ethan is feeling better today. I always feel guilty when my boys have immunisations - like I could somehow have prevented them being hurt. And LOVE this layout! I have a real thing about orange at the moment - I'm stockpiling orange paper, and haven't used any of it!


Sarah said...

Wow katie love your layout!! The things kids say hey!!!! Just love it.. sooo cute.


Megan said...

How adorable is Liam. Love the things kids come out with.
And loving these last two layouts. Don't look like that scrapping fire is going out anytime soon!!!

Sofi p said...

Aww, what a sweet thing for Liam to say. He's a cutie!. Have you taken any pics of his new haircut?
Hope Ethan is feeling better today.

Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE.....how cute is LIAM?

I love this layout of him on the swing.......swinging up to Jesus....and love your famous letter tiles!

Hope Ethan is ok today! Needles....I hate them!


Anonymous said...

where do they come up with these funny conversations - adorable lo.

leanne s.

Peta said...

wow wow wow Kate that layout is just such great eye candy!!! WOW [have I said that already? lol] I might have to save that for inspiration some time!!

Anonymous said...

Loving this LO Katie...the orange is great, and I love the scalloped edge.

Sally M