Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm all freaked out!

Brett is working late tonight, and the boys are all asleep. The house is dark. I just walked into the bathroom and the sky is orange and flickering brighter. There must be a fire somewhere. I can't smell smoke, but the wind is blowing the other way. If it is fire it must be huge. BHP perhaps? My naughty DH wont answer his mobile and I just want to hear his voice and know he's ok.

Anyone know what's going on?


Jess said...

Hope everything's ok Katie. I haven't seen the news yet this morning, but I hope it wasn't too bad a fire where ever it was.


Sarah said...

So what happened last night Katie. I dont think anything was on the News at all..........


kathie said...

Hope you're OK. Sounds big if you can see orange.

Beck said...

The suspense is killing me :o(

Hope everything is ok!

Lisa W said...

You are not alone Katie... I saw the orange sky too. Ti me it was towards the city direction. Which way was your light?
Spooky huh??