Sunday, April 30, 2006

All hands on deck?

Nope, not today, just rain on deck today. DH likes to be busy, he would have worked today despote the rain, but our friend Scotty (builder) who is guiding Brett didn't want to come out in the rain :( B was starting to get a little frustrated after cleaning up the entire yard he came inside and kept walking to the window/doors about 200 times in one hour. I decided it was time to get him out of the house! So we headed to Red Hill with Lozzy for a coffee and shared a little pizza at my fav place. No banana today (only cos it wasn't on the lunch menu). After that I picked up my layby, so now I have some yummy warm clothes to wear for work. Then back here and we were all craving soup for dinner. I made that while Loz bathed the boys for me, then we watched Domino/Bounty hunter. Wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Note to self: next time don't hire movie based on 30 second radio add I heard.

I can't be bothered to scrap! WHAT I hear you say LOL. I've looked, I've fiddled, yep last night I shopped, but still nutin'. Sleep is what I really want to do. Have to work tomorrow and I'm exhausted already.

Over the past weeks I've received lots of questions, but as I can never seem to reply email I always forget to answer them when I log on. So here are some answers (if I forgot any Q's, just ask me again - I have a memory like a seive!)
Lisa, I have to scrap fast! I pre-plan everything, so when I sit down to scrap I usually do a layout in around an hour. I really try not to procrastinate. I don't get too stressed over whether its amazing, or just OK. I also find when I don't stress over it, it comes together best.
Kathie, when I try to reply email they all seem to be listed as no-reply@blogger.
Lou, nothing is wrong with Eltham! I actually LOVE Eltham. Just takes too long to get there.
Rach, yep did shop. Not too much. Some lil'davis letters, bit of paper and a few other bits and pieces.
Sarah, it is too big when you are trying to clean it! It's 29 living, plus 9 garage. We plan on being here a long time, so thought we'd go big enough that we don't outgrow it. But we owner built so we saved a fortune. And it's still not finished. We figured we'd rather go without and get what we really want as we don't plan on selling.
Carolyne, we have missed having an outdoor entertaining area so much! The year Liam was born we BBQ'd dinner every night from September till April! Almost forgot how to use the stove. Then we moved out :( Liam and I are going sandpit shopping as soon as the deck is finished. Can't wait to have an area where the boys can play outside, stay dry, make a mess and I can still see them.
Megan, Brett is an AWSOME dad! Those photos of him on the swing were totally unposed. I took them with a zoom lens - he didn't even know I was taking them, so that's what he's like naturally; and that's why I love those photos.


Sofi p said...

Good to hear you had a good weekend Katie(although the weather didin't hold up for the deck to be finished). I think our hubbies should get together! Jim does all the hi-tec alarm/cabling/smartwiring etc.

Rach Axton said...

Have fun at work tomorrow.. and good luck getting some sleep.. and if your answering questions, tell me when I get to see the photos of you and me!!! you promised!!! :)

Rach xx