Saturday, April 29, 2006

I went to gold class :)

Lozzy (h-hum Lauren) is a gorgeous, gorgeous friend we met a few years ago. Initially Brett worked along side her, although they worked for different companies. Our friendship has grown over the years and she is like family to us. She IS family to us. The down side was that she lived in Eltham! MILES away from here. But last week she moved down!!!!!! Yay, we are so happy to have our newest sister living locally. So last night she babysat the boys for us at her house. The boys were good, which was great, but I think the funniest moment of the night for me was when Liam told me that Lozzy had no milo (he loves a warm milo before bed every night) so Loz tried warm milk, but that wasn't going down, so they decided to put honey in it. She told him it was white chocolate milo. He loved it.... she'll make a good mum one day ;)

As for us, we had dinner which was good (mine was good anyway), then went to Gold Class. I was a bit excited about that as I haven't been to the movies since Liam was born! Brett goes quite often and takes clients but I always miss out. Hmmm comfy couches, lemon tart, coffee. Bliss. Loved it. Thanks Shan and Mark for a brilliant time too.

Finally put the finishing touches to this one today. I am absolutly exhausted tonight and so were the boys. It's only 8.00, the boys have been asleep since 6.00 (usually they go about 7.30 and 8.30). And now DH has just gone to bed. I'm tossing up between going too, or ducking up to CTYD to say hello (and I'll end up buying something).

Nothing happened with our deck today. Brett worked today programming a house with C-bus. It's an automated power system through your house, we have it here and it means you can do fancy things by pressing a light switch etc. Way too complicated to go into here. Anyway the $ were good, so he did that. It's all hands back on deck tomorrow.

I did do a photo shoot this morning. A mum, dad and 6YO girl. Cute family, lovely people. It's nice to have a job where people are actually happy to see you. I haven't done anything with the photos yet, too tired.


NuttyScrapper said...

mmm....what's wrong with Eltham?? I think YOu should have moved here....!!

Sofi p said...

I love the colours of your LO Katie. Sounds like you had a fabulous time at Gold Class.

Megan said...

Totally love Gold Class. Best way to watch a good movie. Glad you had a great time out. And love that LO. Brett looks like an awesome dad.

Carolyne Hallum said...

if you lived closer i am sure we girls would be doing movie nights weekly. love your layout too. always a joy seeing your work my friend.

Sarah said...

Gold Class Rocks. I have been a few times. We have been invited to the premier Of The Da vinci Code and it is at Gold class can't wait... Your layouts are so fantastic. You house looks huge in the photos Katie how many squares is it??????


Rach Axton said...

Glad you had a wonderful night!! Did you buy something?? lol..

Can't wait to come down and do a crop with you!! :)