Friday, April 28, 2006

Gorgeous Lozzy has come to the rescue and offered to be our baby sitter tonight, then tomorrow my mum's group girlfriend Kate is going to have the boys while I do a photoshoot. DH has to work, and it's too good an offer to miss.

Had mum's group here this afternoon. Boy, when there are 8 kids in one house you can sure tell when whitching hour hits! Spiderman lost his arm, and he's a fancy crawling spiderman so it's going to be a mission to fix it if we can at all. Ethan's china piggy-bank my parents bought back from overseas got smashed, and a tin train got flattened. At least we have a while to recover before the next one... and the deck will be finished so they can all play outside next time.

Well, have to get the kiddies organised and get ready myself.

If anyone has any old fashioned Easter photos, probably your parents generation or older that I could use for a SM publication can you please email me at Thanks :) Of course I'd only need copies of them, not originals.


kathie said...

Sorry, no old Easter photos here. All sorts of other old photos, but no Easter ones. Can you take a modern day one and age it in Photoshop?
Love the photos of the house. Looks gorgeous. I'd kill for a window like that, in which to take photos. Our entire house is under verandah and soooo dark!!!

Carolyne Hallum said...

your house looks gorgeous katie and the deck will be delish once finished. imagine all those summer dinners out's great putting your own work into your home. makes it that much more special. hugs.

Sofi p said...

Sorry Katie, I wish I could help in the photo department, but my parents didn't even own a camera back then!

I'll keep searching, just in case I find something that may look like a Easter photo.