Thursday, April 27, 2006

Deck Photos

My computer seems to be behaving itself again at the moment, I can finally get my emails and blog. I still haven't finished the layout I had almost done the other day, haven't touched it actually, but did finish Megan's CJ OMGosh! I AM EARLY!!! Maybe I need to loose internet connection more often.

I thought I'd share a few pics of the deck, or what will be a deck soon :) We did have steps at the doors, but DH removed them yesterday, they were only temporary things. So 'this' is the house that my gorgeous DH built... isn't he clever. The bit that sticks out is our meals area, and is also where I take my photos - has the best light. Anyway, back to the deck...

As I said in the previous post we hired a post hold digger for the public holiday. Our ground is like rock, despite all the rain. Worth every penny and more. Does't Liam look cute in those huge ear muff things. Look at those podgy cheeks LOL.

The post hold digger comes with the attachment to scrape the ground, so that was the first step. A few weeks ago Brett poisoned the only patch of decent grass we had in the yard and now it is gone.

Don't know why this pic had to hop in next, but it's the last one from this afternoon. Still a bit hard to understand the layout, and it's no
straight forward deck, so I'll just leave it to the photos to explain and we progress.

See the big palms against the fence. There are two of them. They are Brett's birthday present.
"what are you getting me for my birthday honey?"
Don't know honey, what do you want?"
"well there are these palms that used to be $500, and now they are reduced to $160, but they are running out fast"

Don't know if that was the truth, but it worked.

You know those days when your kids just seem bigger than they were the day before? We've had one of those today. Liam was getting ready for swimming and I told him to put his crocs on (you know the shoes). He kept saying they didn't fit, so I had a look, and sure enough they are too small. So after swimming we headed into Mornington and bought some new clothes and shoes for him.

I have my mum's group here tomorrow - that will be fun, we are planning on locking the men outside and the kids inside. I'm sure all the kids will be lined up at the window watching the building and just wanting to get out there and join in. Then tomorrow night we have a dinner for B's work. 'more' babysitting! Still haven't found anyone yet, so not too sure what will happen. Brett's sister is only weeks off having her baby, so we don't feel right asking her.

Anyway, can't keep my eyes open any longer, so I'm off to bed.


Jess said...

Let me know if you get stuck tomorrow night and I'll come down. I know it seems a long way, but it's not really that bad.

Deck is shaping up nicely! I'm looking forward to seeing the end result. Both Paul and I are 'challenged' in the DIY stakes, so I always admire those who can do things like that.


Peta said...

Aww how cute is that top photo!!! Looks like the building is going along great kate - can't wait to see it all finished will look awesome!! :)

Hope you find a babysitter and have a great night!!! - now go finish that layout LOL :)

Sofi p said...

Your deck is really coming along nicely. It looks huge! Liam looks like he was having fun on the super digger.

Hope to see more of your LO's soon, I'm getting withdrawls (LOL)! and that prompted me to complete my recent LO, as it was insipred by you, Katie.

Megan said...

That deck is going to be amazing. So happy for you that it has started. Hope the weather stays nice so it can get finished.

Anonymous said...

wow - the house is great and the deck will be so fantastic once it's finished.

can't wait to show my ethan the photo of liam on the digger. i can hear his words already "can i have one of those too, mum ?"

leanne s.